Name that Yard

Dudes: we've taken a trip somewhere. or I should say somewheres. Any guesses?

Some highlights of the trip so far:
  1. While running through the Phoenix airport (one-hour delay in Orlando + one-hour lay over in Phoenix = no time for dinner in Phoenix), Zane could be seen clutching his neck and yelling, "My lungs! My Breath! MY LUNGS!" Apparently, altitude change is a reality, even to a sporty six-year-old. Bless the heart of the Phoenix flight, they held the airplane for us. Made people wait for us with the airplane (and the a/c) off. Lots of you-know-what-kind-of-faces as we traipsed to row 23.
  2. At some point, Annie decided to really help me with my new year's resolution to stop "telling cap" (which has morphed into crrrap now that she's getting her consonant clusters so well). "I know mom! We could tell DEENA instead! That not a terrible word!" So if you hear me yell "deena!" or "double deena!" or "holy deena!" or "piece of deena!" you'll know what I really mean. And if by chance, Deena is reading this, Deena, I'm really sorry. (Re-reading this, it doesn't seem as though I've kept any resolution, does it?)
  3. Speaking of Annie, every time we leave the house, she gasps and says, "Look mom, MOUNTAINS!" They are pretty dang beautiful, it's just funny to hear her re-gasp every time she looks east.
  4. We've busted out s'mores more than once since arriving. Annie loves them: "Peas I have more snores, mom?"
  5. Upon seeing my mom, Zane said, "Grama Jeanie, you're looking very beautiful..and you're looking YOUNG! (which he still pronounces yun, which I adore, and which I'm pretty sure he learned from his pops. we might have thought the beautiful was spontaneous, but the 'yun' gave him away.)" Upon seeing my dad, Zane said, "Bampa, are you pregnant?" Both are thrilled to have him here.
That's all for now! Go have a snore, you'll feel awesome.
(PS: we're here until August. Come see us.)


jonstone said…
This is me being so sad we're not there - :(

This is me laughing SO HARD at that boy of yours - :D
Kjerstin said…
Holy deena, your kids are funny!
Chris said…
hey ross people. we'll be coming through in july. it would be fun to see you. enjoy your trip.
Crystal said…
Hooray!! We need to pick a day. I actually have a couple days off next week and the week after that.
Alyson said…
Can't wait to see you all. I love your kid's quotes. So cute!