First and Last

First day of Kindergarten:

Last day of Kindergarten:

I wonder if he looks any older. I wonder if I look any older.

In Zane's class, behavior was measured daily by stars. Everyone started out each day with a green star. A warning turned the star to blue, a 2nd warning led to a red star and a time out, etc.

Well, I'm happy to report that Z got a green star every single day, all year. He almost decided to act out on the last day, just to see how it felt have a blue star. Thank heavens for morning breakfast talk-him-out-of-things discussions.

Something tells me his 1st day of 1st grade picture will be sans those top two front teeth!


Lillie said…
How early is his kindergarten!? Why is he outside in the dark? I'm so confused. We are surely still in our beds when it looks like that. :)

I love that he's so behaved. Sophia went through her yearbook and pointed at people, "and this is Riely, she makes a lot of bad choices... and Jude... he makes some bad choices too, and cries a lot...." I have a feeling that might be Mila. I'll cross that bridge....
Lucky Day said…
I dread the teeth falling out. I almost want it to happen so I can stop worrying that it will happen. Every time they fall...

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