Day 3: Charleston

Our last day in Charleston was spent just outside of town at the Magnolia rice plantation. What an immensely beautiful space it was. We wandered the gardens in the morning, and finished with an informative walking tour around noon. By the end it was steamy steamy, but all in all a wonderful way to finish off our time in Charleston.

(Here's an actual capture of the "no" from Annie when a picture was requested)

Oh, wait. Actually, we finished off our time by heading back into the city for a REALLY great meal, including fried alligator tail and homemade biscuits at a high-class Charlestonian restaurant. (Grandma Mimi would have fit right in!) I had a fried green tomato BLT. Awesome.

This trip did wonders for my psyche. It was a much needed, fabulous break from the every day.


Jenneka said…
Seriously??? Fried alligator tale??? I want to know - was it just on the menu? Or did any of you actually put it in your mouth?