Charleston, take two

Our friends and our kids arrived at about 10:30pm that second night. I tell you what, days are longer without children. I couldn't wait to see those little people again.

We had a good night's sleep, then set off the next day, back to the city.

(This may or may not have been a small detour when we missed the city. We were happy to be not-in-command [those of you who might recognize the CVR in front of us can know who was to blame] and could just enjoy the serendipitous bridge-up-close sighting.)

So! More of the city. Including the Museum of Charleston, another old house tour across the street (historians, cringe now, I can't remember the name of it. Let's face it, I probably never knew the name of it) with beautiful hydrangeas that I couldn't get enough of, the finding of a free TROLLEY bus that wound around the entire city (turns out, you get along a lot faster that way..), and good food at a cafe (where Zane took sneaky pictures of our friends, way to be Z).

(LOVE the hand holding here. Never want to forget it.)

We also had two amazing finds after lunch: first, an amazing BLOCK shop with BLOCKS for the dads and the kids to build with in air conditioning while the mommies snuck away to the market:

When we got back, Brandon had built a tower like unto the "professional" ones along the back wall. It pays to be an engineer sometimes.

The dads told us a funny story. After being praised for his work, Zane asked Brandon, "Why do grown-ups sometimes tell kids their projects are great, even if they're not that great?" He's on to us.

The other lucky duck moment of the day happened as we were walking towards the Dock Street Theater. We stepped into this cathedral's grave yards and were looking around at all the cool stuff, when I thought I heard distant heavenly singing. Upon closer look, I found a choir concert going on inside. The day before, Brandon and I had tried to get tickets for a similar concert (quite expensive tickets, I might add), but had been unsuccessful. So to happen upon one was like magic. Even better? They were performing their second to last song. No more tickets needed. I stood in the back and listened to them finish their program, then quietly exited, back to the heat and the children and the bustle of the day. It was fantastic! Thank you Winthrop college! (Too bad I can't remember the name of the beautiful cathedral that housed them. Here are some pictures, at least):

We ended the day in the city by walking around a farmers market/art festival in one of the large outdoor parks. The kids got smoothies (YUM!) and tried to dive into the fountains, and scared the life out of us by trying to TOUCH all the artwork (before finding out that you do NOT touch the artwork), and we walked and chatted and enjoyed the shade and breeze. It had been a HOT day.

(Gotta love Annie's face here. She is OVER the picture taking thing.)

Next post: a gigantically beautiful rice plantation, and another stifling hot day! Great times!


Jenneka said…
Wow - looks like SO MUCH FUN! and I don't even have to be jealous because we had a great weekend with my parents (plus Todd would never have survived walking around the city in the heat). But it looks like you guys really made the best of it. So glad you had such a great trip. See you Thursday!
Alyson said…
How cool that you got to hear the choir, plus do all of the other fun stuff!