Charleston, in Pictures

Last time we were in Charleston, Brandon had the camera. He also happened to be on the wrong side of the horse-carriage ride for picture taking. So we have 2. This time, we were actually sans children (YES you heard that right, we left our children for a night and a day, and our incredible friends DROVE THEM TO CHARLESTON LAST NIGHT. we owe them our lives.) and when asked what I wanted to do all day yesterday, it was simply "to walk around and take pictures, please."

And so we did, and here they are, in no particular order, and with no explanation. (ps--yes, I'm blogging about the trip while on the trip. Another wonderful part about this weekend has been the LACK of computers. So now, with the happy day done and the children [and husband] asleep, a little online journaling seems relaxing instead of soul sucking. It's all about perspective, see?) Next time, I'll post today's adventures, which include similarly beautiful sights AND our children.

(The one above is for sale.....dream on, poor us, dream on!)

(Lunch at Hyman's Seafood.....fried everything, and even boiled peanuts for B)

(I loved the tangerine chair at the end of this teensy alley.)


A good one from miss Annie this evening. We are all in the hotel room, and she's "gone to sleep" (story told, prayers said, tucked in, etc). Z gets out of the bath, and his pops starts telling him a quiet story. Annie turns over and whispers, "Shhh, guys, be so quiet. I'm asleep." She reminded us about 5 more times to shhh because she was asleep. Then she finally was asleep.

This has been a lovely trip.


Astyn said…
Looks like fun!! I love little trips away, it always is a nice break from regular life.
Are you coming back today(sunday) are we still practicing tomorrow morning?
Lillie said…
I've always wanted to go there! Wasn't it in the Notebook? I think so, and I think it made me want ot move there. But maybe I'm a dummy and way off. Thanks for taking me there virtually. :)
Alyson said…
How beautiful. I'll have to add it to my places to visit one day. I hope you had a wonderful time.
Jenny said…
I got to spend an afternoon in Charleston about four years ago and I think I took some of the same pictures! Love all the peek-a-boo gardens, fancy scrolled gates, lovely doorways!