A few weeks ago, my mom sent us a springtime box of goodies. Included this time were watercolor paints and various handouts leftover from her work at the public schools. Annie immediately dove in. A few minutes later, she brought me her first masterpiece:

A daintily painted rainbow, with the colors even in the right order! What an artist. What an eye!

A few minutes later, she came to me again: Wook mom, another rainbow!

Ooo, a more dramatic version, with bold color mixing, all the edges filled in, and even the artist's signature (she insists there is an 'o' in the middle of her name). Brilliant, Annie!

Finally, a few more minutes passed, and she raced over to show me her final piece of the day:

....um.....nice....uh......work, Annie.

Watercoloring...it takes talent.


megfutbol said…
The last one just proves her artistic brilliance. Didn't you recognize her "blue" period?!