My kids this week

Yesterday morning, it was 49 degrees when my kids woke up. oooo, they were cold. Here's one of them:

And here's the other. Can you find the human being molded in that green blanket over there?

The cold in the morning has sure made for some beautiful days, though. Hooray, and don't get comfortable Michelle. Tomorrow's high is back to 90.
Here are some quotes from the week:

Me: Zane, Sienna wants you to come and see "The Wizard of Oz" with her. Have you ever heard of that?
Zane: What? Oh, yeah, I love the lizard of Oz.
We've been listening to the Narnia series in the car. First, the Magician's Nephew. Because of it, my kids will always think the REAL main characters are Diggery and Polly. Anyway, one day as we hopped into the car, Zane asked, "Mom, we listen to our Nahnia story now?" Did I mention that the story teller is of course Brtish?

Later, we were to the battle scene part in "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe." As I was trying to explain that this was an important part because Peter was battling the White Witch, Annie commented, "Oh, they have their light sabers out?" Clearly, the girl has been brain washed.
Speaking of the original Star Wars, we had a group movie night the other week, which turned a little into a vh1 pop-up video when Zane would repeatedly say, "Here's something you might all like to know," then announce trivia like unto "Chewy is over 200 years old (Annie squealed in delight: "Oh, I WUV chewy") or "These are Jawas. They are NOT the sand people, mom. So quit saying they are, if you please." He knew the names of all the other droids on the ships (I had never noticed their existence) and knew exactly which movie what character would re-appear in/be defeated in/etc (original movies are 4 5 and 6, and the newer ones are 1 2 and 3. absolutely confusing, unless you're Zane and you know everything).

Annie's breaking through her "L"s this week! no more wions and wizards and wuv! Smile, stick out your tongue, and voila: LLLLLLLion! LLLLLLLLizard! LLLLLLLove! It's another miracle.

Peace out!