**side note: as I type, Z's playing lego star wars on wii. while he battles, he chats aloud to himself. "I'm so doomed, I'm so doomed....oh! I am awesome! I am SO AWESOME! Oh no, I am doomed. so, so doomed. There! I am awesome! (singing) I. Am. So. Awesome." Aren't we all so doomed and so awesome sometimes? Zane strikes again.**

Well hello! It's been a little while. Why the break Michelle? Well, the easy answer is that I finally caught on that my life isn't actually that exciting. :) What? You don't want to see a series of watercolors by Annie? Well tough, that'll be my next post. But for one week, you were spared.

Today we joined Brandon's department for a float down the Ichetucknee Springs River! IT WAS SO AWESOME! That's all I have to say about it. I can't believe it's taken us 3 years to get there. It's about an hour northwest of Gainesville. We left around lunch time, and we're home for dinner. The weather was gorgeous. The water (because of the natural springs aspect, who knows what that means, Brandon said it) really is crystal clear. And its coldness (72ish degrees year round) was of the refreshing variety (not the freeze-your-you-know-what-off) because of the warm ward temperatures in the air.

Here we are outside of Weil Hall, waiting for everyone to show up. Have you ever heard us say that Brandon's building is right across from the football stadium? Here's proof. Some of the folks playing frisbee with Zane (he told them he was a frisbee expert. they were hooked.):

Zane, catching the frisbee, with the stadium in the background:

He did not disappoint.

And here's my turkey pants Annie, who wouldn't put on clothes after we got her into the swimming suit:

Quite beauty, even in black and white shadows.

Onto the trip. We drove through Alachua then Ft White, stopping at a good ol' boys roadside stand to rent a two-man raft for the ladies and a double float tube for the boys.

Annie was done with pictures by this point, which is a good thing because we couldn't take our camera any further. One quick snapshot of the parents and we were off:

For a pictorial account, I will refer you to this couple of pages. Eel grass and limestone bluffs and Suwanee River Cooter Turtles, oh my! It was breathtaking. And lots of fun to be with about two dozen other "boring engineer types." :) Cold water will add excitement to any group.

Brandon was really the hero of the day: for most of the journey I just lounged in the glorious raft, soaking in the beauty of the day and my Annie girl beside me. It wasn't until we had floated 3/4 of the river that we switched places (him into the the raft with Annie, me into the tube) and I realized they really meant "small double" when we rented it 3 hours earlier. It was really small. And Brandon's a bit bigger than me. Go team Brandon!

Next time, we'll get two rafts.

We finished up and headed home, and Annie fell asleep in 0.2 seconds. She's still sleeping. So is her pops.

2/$5 pork sandwiches on the way home at another good-ol'-boys' roadside stand (and a bag of fresh green beans for $1! Can you believe they're already in season, dad?) and we were on our way.

Can we go back tomorrow?


walt or jean said…
Too bad it's not Iche-nee-tuck instead of Ichetucknee, that's one-two-bucklemyshoe in Japanese. Sounds and looks like you had another great all-Floriday day.
Lucky Day said…
We'll go in August with P's family. It's always fun. I'll tell you when that's coming up. So fun. Glad you had a great time.
Christi said…
I love the so doomed...so awesome comment! Little boys are great!!