Choir Party Happiness

I have been blessed with a rockin' church choir these last two years. This year especially, thanks to an accomplished pianist for our accompanist; a choir nursery, which allowed three or four couples to participate; and truly wonderful, committed people in every section that kept it going week after week after week (after week).

Sunday was our last performance for this school year (can you tell we live in a student-saturated ward?), and we sang John Rutter's "Open Thou Mine Eyes" . We had 8 tenors. 30 singers total. It was dreamy. Brandon even said we left him wanting more. !!!

This summer, we will lose at least 10 singers, and our accompanist (remember that student-saturated detail). Sad days. So, Monday, we had a goodbye party for all of them/celebration for such a fun year. Happy days.

Last year at the party, I was too nervous to bug people by taking lots of pictures. This year, I wasn't. Here we (almost) all are, with no names, just in case.

Our hosts are the three folks in the back right here. Their LOVELY home, complete with a FULLY (vaulted) SCREENED IN pool deck, was a comfortable spot, even for 50+ people. Incredible:

Some of my favorite G'ville folks, finished with their education one year before us and on their way to their first job in the midwest (sniff sniff):

My son:

My best picture of the night; also, the source of Annie's latest nightmares. Sigh. Annie's probably afraid of the Easter Bunny too:

(Doesn't she look fierce? Brandon house sat with her a bit last summer, so she's butter in his hands. Brandon just read this and told me it's "she's putty in his hands." Silly me.)

More of our favorite people, also done with school/doctor residency and onto the rest of their lives. We weep:

More of my children:

(Mother of P, how do you like P's hamburger mustache?)

Speaking of P, here's P's fearless little brother, putting Zane to shame with his forward somersaults off the diving board. And here's a dear soprano and new mommy:

Here's ANOTHER one of our favorite G'villers, also leaving (boo!), who let Annie spit watermelon seeds/everything else all over her white outfit. Always taking one for the family team, HB. You're the bomb:

(Jenneka, I thought I'd missed a picture of you, but as seen here, I got one!)

These guys will be here next fall. Phew!:

These guys are on the "we might leave" fence. We're trying to be nice about letting them go, if they have to:


Swimmers part I:

(Zane had the TIME OF HIS LIFE with these people. I was just thankful he lived through the evening of water acrobatics.)

Swimmers part II:

I had to get a picture of this cutie, who looks like my Emmygirl, kinda:

Two of the main reasons all this choir business can go down each week-- Brandon and the bishop:

One more remembrance of my best shot of the night. I miss the boat:


Heather Bigley said…
i saw these pictures after i finished a chocolate shake. *sigh.
Astyn said…
Monday night really was a blast. My kids want to go back to 'kaitlin's house'. I want you to email me a photo of the 'ladies'. I love all of those women.
Jenneka said…
GREAT pictures! You have put so much effort, energy, worry, work, emotion, love, and well, so much of YOU into making our choir experience wonderful these two years... and on behalf of myself and EVERYONE who has had the privilege of singing under your direction: THANK YOU!!! (I wish I could double bold and triple underline those two words).

I overheard someone say that there's no way any of these friends who are moving away will go to a ward with a better choir than ours. It made me realize how much I've taken for granted and I've promised myself to savor every moment of choir next year.

P.S. LOVE the hamburger mustache. :)