Spring fling 2011

Every spring, our student housing holds a fun family event that is free, full of food, and actually a lot of fun. We've figured out how to work it too: we go early. Show up on time, there are no lines and the water at the bottom of the water slide is fresh and plentiful.

Annie was old enough this year to slide down the big slide all by herself, and had a lot of fun until another little fellow (with his face painted skeleton-style) came and scared the you-know-what out of her. After that, she stuck to the bouncy (and shady, and unskeletoned) places:

Brandon had fun (and by fun I mean only minor-ly injuring himself) on the bungee run:

And with a fellow jouster (who called for a re-match from last year):

More water slides (still no lines--we think it was because this weekend was also the blue and orange football game):

(Again, we were thankful over and over that Z and his friend didn't actually hurt themselves while hurtling themselves down this thing. Sure, some water up the nose. But that was almost always followed by, "AWESOME!" so all was well.

As for a full-on shot of Zane, most of what I could catch today looked liked this, at least until lunchtime:

Luckily, my Annie is my camera's new best friend:

(Compare that snow cone picture of Annie with this one from last year...girlfriend grew up this year, eh?)

"Brandon, Brandon, take a picture!" He's a good boy, taking three, then telling me they were all wonderful:

We slid, we bungee-d, we mingled, we popcorned, we strong-manned, we SWEATED (high of 90 today here in G'ville), and when it was over, we went over to another village and swam to cope with the high heat. It should have been called Summer Fling 2011.


Crystal said…
So I am completely jealous of your sunshine as I watch the snow continue to come down for the second day in a row. Thanks for sharing some of your sunshine if it is only in pics :)
walt or jean said…
Love the picture of you and Annie. Looks like the boys had a blast. We're still snow boarding.
Kjerstin said…
What a fun tradition for your community! I can't believe how much Annie has changed over the past year...what a beauty.
Reminds me a little of the outdoor parties back in Hawaii days...people sure do love their blow-up toys, eh? I love them too! :) Hooray for friends and fun!

p.s. tell Brandon he's a stud for participating! Love his action shots (and annie's skirt-made by you, yes?)
megfutbol said…
I miss you guys, and Corry village, and yes, even or maybe especially the Florida heat!!! Although it was beautiful here today. You're hitting summer as we're just starting spring.