As most of you know, I am a hermit. An extremely busy hermit (as in life is full and I am alive so I have to participate), but a hermit nonetheless.

I would never come up with "Tuesday-at-the-beach" on my own.

Enter friend HB. Our conversation:
HB: "Michelle we should go to the beach!"
me: "Okay but this Saturday is full, and next Saturday, and the Saturday after that, etc."
HB: "Who needs a weekend!? Let's go tomorrow!"
me: "But what about Zane? He has school."
HB: "So let him go to school! We'll go and be back before he gets home."
me: "Wha---, uh, well, I can't think of any other reason why not, I guess. You win! Let's go to the beach tomorrow!"

So off we went. She even drove. LADIES' DAY AT THE BEACH, ALRIGHT!

(Look, there's a rad adventuring girl with great hair and grandma glasses next to an un-makeup-ed, self-conscious hermit!)

Meeting up with lovely friend EP and her little M and P was a super bonus. 19 minutes for them, lucky ducks.

Annie and M have been friends for awhile, but they really hit it off at ladies'-day-at-the-beach. Digging and building castles and making sand angels, specifically:

EP has this MASSIVE umbrella that works both in the ground, and as a super-gigantic impromptu "singing in the rain" prop:

The weirdest part of the trip occurred right when we walked onto the beach for the first time. It STUNK like it has never before stunk. Upon looking down the beach for a culprit, we spotted a big blobby mass of something. Oh no, I thought, it's a seal. Or a sea lion. It was big, like 50-60 pounds looking and it was NOT going away. Braver-than-life HB went to investigate.

"IT'S A FISH!" she yelled back. WHAT IN THE WORLD?

It was the biggest fish (or half-a-fish) I've even seen. The scales were silver-dollar-sized.

The picture does this beast zero justice. Just know that if Annie laid down next to it, it would go from her head to her knees. It was alien.

We walked about 25 yards south of our discovery, as the winds were blowing northward. We never smelled it again. Phew.

What else can I say about this morning at the beach besides the fact that EVERY TIME I GO, I am renewed and refreshed. And having fun friends to sink my feet into the sand and jump in the waves with made this time just wonderful.

On the way home I told HB she was just like Brandon, always right. Tuesdays are great beach days.

Oh, and one more funny series with Annie, when she decided picture taking time was OVER.

At one point, during wave jumping, Annie screamed out, "Dis is fun Fun FUn FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!" Amen, Anniegirl. Just, shh, don't tell Zane.


Ann Marie said…
Tuesday at the Beach. Just about perfect.
Heather Bigley said…
K says it's a tarpon, and at least half of it was missing.