In love (/hate) with string quilts

Remember my obsession with all things VIBRANT?! Well, last week, in the middle of everything else, I decided to start another quilt. Enter the "Valentine Quilt" from Elizabeth Hartman's book, "The Practical Guide to Patchwork."

A note here: If you looked up 'Michelle's logic' in the dictionary, you would also find the terms "random" and "scatterbrained." Dad, I get this whole heartedly from you. Sure, it can also be called "spontaneous" (maybe even "artistic") but let's face it, it usually happens when there are ninety other things on the plate. So add "inconvenient" to that list. And how about "doggedly nagging" because once I get the itch, I simply can't stop.

And once I began this time, my children didn't eat properly for 4 straight days.

Wish I were kidding about that. (Okay so I am kidding about that. But let's just say I was stretching myself a little thin.)

(Here's a beginning, middle, and end explanation of how in the heck it's coming together.)

And I'll admit, maybe I bit off a bit more than I can really chew right now. Because the picture of the quilt looks all innocent and stuff, but the blocks (just like the potholder) are GI-NOR-MOUS. 11" x 11" And I'm supposed to make 48 of them. Here's 12 (8 completely done, 4 half done). Notice how it COVERS MY BED:

So, I've managed to pull out of it for the last few days, take a breather, and now I'm nervous to jump back in. That whole children eating properly thing....But don't worry, it will hit me again someday soon. And it will be inconvenient and spontaneous and doggedly nagging and fabulous. :)

I think it will be even cooler when I add the blues and more of the reds/violets. Plus, did I mention I'm still working from scraps? Feels AWESOME to use those bits and pieces up:


Ginger said…
Holy Crap, I just gasped about 12 times with how beautiful it all is!
Lucky Day said…
Do the lines of color have to line up or just the middle white line?

Just the white middle line, thank goodness! and it's always the same width, so in theory it should line up swimmingly. we'll see... :)