Two highlights from Annie this week. First, "Pops, why we wiv in such a BIG HOUSE?" perspective, people, it's everything!

And a few days ago, "Mom, I wan be juss wike YOU!" ah, bestill my heart. (she continued to say, "your age AN your name, SHELL!" I love anyone who will call me shell.)

Lest you think our life continues to be bliss with her, here's a representation of the only other highlights this week:

(Does this picture give away the secret that BOTH my kids sleep on air mattresses now? I hope not.) Annie + an influx of Easter candy = LOTS AND LOTS OF TANTRUMS this week. As a result, bedtime was welcome bliss for this mama. Throw those sugars away.

Zane grew up way too fast on me this week. After having friends over yesterday (including a girl who asked, "Zane, are these YOUR thomas the trains?" in a mocking tone), before bed he asked, "Mom, can you give away my trains please? We can keep the cars, but I am tired of all these trains." Sigh. The end of an era, I suppose. (And don't worry, we're keeping the trains forever. We know how much each one of those stinking things is worth.)

Still, the best is yet to come, right? Here he is with two of his favorite buddies. I told them after they gave me a "happy" picture, they could give me a "terrible" picture. Notice my mellow Z. Not too many fireworks with that kid:

This last one's for you, Ann Marie. Look! Brandon has finally found a good use for the piano!

(The kids love this piano too, because of its ready-made song list to dance to. They will miss it when we swap our pianos back at the end of our Florida sojourn next summer.) (Also, that stack of spirals/notebooks on the left side of the piano is ALL THE MUSIC I've been learning for this vocalist friend of mind. Mussorgsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky, Corigliano, Brahms, and on and on and on. She's a rockstar. I'm a wreck.)

I've been sewing just a teensy bit (pictures soon), but mainly I've been nursing an annoyed leg after my run on Saturday. DANG THAT IT BAND OF MINE! Someday I'll figure out how to run correctly.


walt or jean said…
You'd solve your running issues if you'd just run a little less each day.
Butlers said…
I can't remember if I already commented about receiving your beautiful card, or if I have been meaning to? You made my day. Love you....xo
Ps- DId you get your things? I still have some things I have to send you that I found afterwards... ack.
D.B. said…
they make sweet foam rollers for IT bands, it'll hurt at first, but it will help in the end
Lillie said…
I thought you were for SURE quoting Little Einsteins with all those names at the end there. ... I can hear little June and Annie's voices rattling them off... otherwise I wouldn't even recognize them. And you still want to be friends?

And I was trying to decode that line about an it band for a while before I realized you said I.T band... not "it band." I'm feeling super dump after reading your post. XO