My Annie has some good quotes right now. Like, "Dat make me FRUSSERATED!"
and "WHY YOU DO DAT?" which sometimes means "HOW YOU DO DAT?" And if we say the wrong answer, my my she gets mad. It's like playing the lottery every time..

Life is filled with much happiness right now. It's leaving me exhausted, and wondering how in the world one prioritizes when all things seem "best." But the moments that I take to just BE with Annie are usually among the best ones. Snuggling in the morning (singing "morning songs" but only when she's in the mood. lottery.), tea parties and 'go fish,' then walking to the bus, then when she helps with "jobs" right before dinner (it's remarkable how capable and HELPFUL she really is), then books before bed. She's happier as a whole, and it makes us all more content.

Her prayers are killer. Deliberate, unrushed, thorough. 'Thank you Zane had a bad a-tude. And thank you Zane changed and now has a nice a-tude.' 'Thank you we had a good compromise.' etc. I get the feeling the Recipient of the prayer smiles and thinks about babes teaching when He hears her.

She is a lovely gal. Happy to be her mother.

But enough about Annie. How about a little blue and red in the mix?

22 out of 25 squares done now, woo hoo! I also tried my hand at original bag pattern making AND sewing a structured linen SHIRT for myself. So many goods...


Jenneka said…
Love hearing about your happiness... I too have been amazed lately about how HELPFUL Lincoln can be when he wants to be. Oh, and speaking of Lincoln, he is THRILLED about the idea of sleeping on 'Zane's bed' tonight. Thanks again.
Ann Marie said…
I am often FRUSSERATED myself. - now though I will think of Annie and smile. Quilt absolutely amazing.
alliehoopes said…
hey bomb girl. my tardiness in responding in no way positively correlates to my excitement level about your little coming-to-my-area note. yes please! come spend the night even. anything you want, really. that will be super fabulous awesome. so yes, pencil me in. no, sharpie me in.