Further proof....

....that Annie shadows her mama. Look what I found her doing yesterday:

"Annie!" I said. She looked my way. Then she got back to work.

Did I say be still my heart? Be still my heart. Now if only she'd take up dish doing.

Hey, here's that dabbling I was telling you about. 25 squares, done! now it's time to rip off the tracing paper backing/stabilizer from each square (attempting to not rip out the seams at the same time) and sew them together. Fingers crossed!


Tina said…
Wow, amazing really.

The quilt aint bad either.

Your quilt is beautiful. I wish I had your ambition!
I love the pics of Annie playing the piano. And when she is marking the music, priceless.
Lucky Day said…

You make your own luck. : )
Kjerstin said…
You need to get those first two blown up wall size or something...they're perfect! So happy to talk to you today...is it June yet? I'm ready for a visit! :)