Family Fun Day

Zane's school had their spring celebration this morning. I know many of you are still snowed in; we were just thankful it wasn't BAKING HOT (thanks to Thursday evening thunderstorms--no tornadoes here, just beautiful lightnings and continuous thunderings).

We got there pretty much right when it started which meant there were no lines for anything. We face-painted and petting farmed, finger painted and bounce housed:

(Note rule #6 [I believe if you click on the picture it will enlarge], and Annie's insistence on breaking it.)

Zane even scored at the cake walk, which I always consider a miracle. Which leads me to the main attraction of the morning, the food:

(Did I not just mention throwing away the sugar? Drats!)

We met up with our friends for a shaded lunch, then spent a few more minutes trying to dunk the teacher (Zane) and swinging on every swing (Annie) before heading home. Easy Peasy!

Here's a fun comparison from the fall festival. Brighter pictures! Bigger kiddos! Exact same games (and love for the games)! Exact same sugar infusion! And Annie made it home before busting out her first tantrum this time. Progress!


Ann Marie said…
Zane and Annie are just being children - but how they warm my heart.