Easter Weekend

We've just lived through the busy weekend of our lives.

Okay, so maybe I'm being a little over dramatic. Still, good gracious. Early morning running, easter egg dying, picnic lunch, swimming, trombone rehearsing, dinner and an easter egg hunt, late night rehearsing with flutes and piano for Easter on Saturday, then early morning choir practice, Choir Easter program, two nursery singing times, giving an Easter lesson in Young Womens using this talk and this story (yes you heard right--I got ousted from my singing lady job and put into the YW! Scary!), making a hostess gift for our Easter dinner hosts (napkins using this tutorial for mitered corners), then participating in an afternoon Easter dinner party on Sunday. phew and a half.

Enough of the blah blah details, and onto the fun details! One of the highlights was spending time "Eastering" on Saturday morning with a family from our village that recently moved away. We miss them like crazy!

Here are some pictures of the kids. Why didn't I take pictures of adults, dangit? Silly me.

Zane and the other big boys weren't so interested in dying eggs--not when there were wrestling matches to attend to and slides to climb on incorrectly:

I did manage to corral him in for a teensy bit:

nick stone, can you say look-alike in that right side picture or what?

You know you're in Florida when these guys also come to your party:

Annie was not thrilled about the bug:

More moments:

(see how we're in the "CHEESE" phase with Annie and pictures. make that concerned cheese.)

Another highlight was dinner and an egg hunt later that night. Except for when Zane, in his prayer, said, "And thanks for this egg hunt. And please bless that the next egg hunt we go to will be better." sigh. So sorry hosts. It's hard to be 6. Later, in the car, he explained further that he meant he wanted to DO better in the next egg hunt. Sure Zane, sure.

Anyway, it was a lovely Easter. The choir sang two numbers (Jesu the Very Thought is Sweet including those flutes and For I am Called by Thy Name) (yes I get to continue being the ward choir director. they were nice enough to not take that away from me just yet) and we had some really wonderful talks about the Savior. Wonderful!

Oh, and brother Eric and his wife Hayley had a baby on Friday! Only 8 days overdue! :) Welcome to the world, Lauryn Brooke. :)


Tina said…
I totally agree with you, I'm pretty sure when I saw that picture I heard Zane say " when we get a cat, you gotta tape it, you hear it?"
Stace said…
HOLY COW that is SO nick...love it!
Crystal said…
Congrats on being in YW!! And being an Aunt again.
Such a great weekend right?! It's good to busy when it's fun stuff like you've been up to. Can't wait to hear how your choir sang and your yw lesson went! And oh how I wish I could have joined you for lady beach Tuesday!!!