Conference Highlights

General Conference was this weekend, yay! And by yay, yes I mean that we barely made it through alive. :)

I especially liked Elder Robbins's talk on Sunday afternoon. It was all about being, not doing. Changing ourselves, teaching our children to be motivated by "being" rather than "doing." And its need was apparent in real-time, while during the talk I was yelling, "Zane QUIT BUGGING YOUR SISTER!" "ANNIE, STOP SCREAMING!" and thinking to myself, "Wow, I bet this talk could really help me manage this situation better--if only I COULD HEAR IT." :) Ah, the miracle of the internet.

Two more memories of this particular conference:

First, our dear friend HB brought us over CHOCOLATE CHIPS, but when we went to make cookies, there was no flour. A google search for "flourless cookie recipes" brought us to this incredible flourless monster cookie recipe at THEY ARE TOTALLY AWESOME. And I am not a baker, normally. I have eaten 27 of them. Which is why I'm not a baker, normally. Turns out, when you replace flour with peanut butter, butter, oats, and sugar, among other things, you do just fine.

Last memory: Just as conference was getting over yesterday (mind you, we'd been sitting inside listening and bingo-ing and lego-ing for a total of 8 hours, all of us), Zane looked up at the computer and said, "Oh good, it's almost over. I'm getting sea sick with all this conference."

I thought it was wisely put. :) Still, I love listening to the prophets, love hearing about Jesus, love being reminded to BE a little better.



jonstone said…
"I'm getting sea-sick from seeing too much" - Tigger (make sure to add the lisp)
Jenny said…
I loved Elder Robbins talk, too. I want to make a "To Be" list now! I hope it's not too late for me to implement some of his parenting wisdom...I've developed some pretty bad habits over the past 17 years. I think I'd better listen to it regulary! And way to go, watching all 8 hours with your kids. You're awesome!
Kjerstin said…
You know what I thought the entire time during that wonderful talk? (insert whiny voice) "But I LIKE my to do lists! I LIKE being DONE!"

Lillie said…
I came THIS close to getting up to make those cookies.. it's almost ten, and Ross won't get home 'till after midnight from a Laker game in LA. So it would literally be JUST for me. So I grabbed my SECOND skinny cow to try and curb the LONGING. thanks.

I love that you said be a little better. That's the ONE line that Sophia wrote through all of conference for her "notes." BE BETTER. so cute.

And sea sick... kind of true right? That Zane--- i love him.