You're annoyed, I know--3 more beaches

Saturday morning we really did get up and leave pretty early. (Not before I went and SOAKED my fro back down to something manageable though, thank heavens.) We had decided to drive home by way of some of the many gulf beaches from Fort Desoto up to Clearwater. I think both B and I have this thing where we like to see in person all those places on the map we've looked and looked at.

I just asked B the name of the first beach we stopped at. His reply? "Ah, man, I don't remember. Want me to look it up?" Pull out the map once more, eh.

ST. PETE BEACH. That was it. And here it is:

Tell the truth? The beach was just alright. Not sandy enough for my liking. A little too trafficked. Like, the frisbee boys should have been wearing shoes to protect themselves from the ouchies protruding out from the packed down sand.

Some interesting sea things to look at, though:

And Annie still managed to bust out a sand castle or two.

After St. Pete Beach, we meandered north through Treasure Island and Madeira Beach, listening to "wait wait don't tell me" and eating every cracker/chip/trail mix/chocolate almond/granola bar left in our car (apparently our breakfast of not-so-cold yogurt, chalky muffins, and powerade did not suffice. Like I said, REAL campers are super heroes. we're just posers) When our program was over, Redington public beach was upon us, so we stopped for beach #2.

Here it is:

Ooo, or should I say, here WE are? :) Thanks Zane, centered and everything!

And because you might be getting tired of all that pesky turquoise water:

It was a fun place. Sand was still too packed down. Weather was still too cold and windy for my picky-pants liking. But I got to sit and read while B did all the parenting (let's play frisbee pops! NO POPS, let's build a SANDCASTLE!) so you know, pretty awesome.

After about an hour we busted north once more, eating lunch in Indian Rocks Beach (and playing the alphabet game. Thanks heavens for the '7 deadly Zins' sign in the restaurant bar), then sneaking past all the tourists in Clearwater beach (GOOD HEAVENS! SPRING BREAK HIT CLEARWATER BEACH!), parking in a neighborhood about 10 blocks north, and enjoying our 3rd and final beach of the day:

Definitely my favorite. Not so many people, SAND, heat of the day, etc. If I were to own one of multi-million dollar homes on the edge of THIS beach, I wouldn't complain. And I'd rent out my bathroom to families with toddlers. Just saying.

So we beached until we couldn't take it any more (and until our meter parking was up), then we were on our way home! Due to another non-gps glitch or two (sparing you AND me the details on that one, as it's not QUITE funny yet), it took us 5 MORE hours to get home.

We were a bit worn out when we pulled into our village at about 8:30 that night. Then we remembered about daylight savings. and 9am church. Doh!

BUT WE HAD DONE IT! High fives (and showers) all around.

Peace out, gulf beaches!


JMG said…
not at all annoyed. . .just really jealous!!! :)

Ann Marie said…
I am annoyed because I wasn't with you at those beaches. So glad you are totally enjoying Florida while you are there.
megfutbol said…
I've lived in FL nearly all my life and never attempted three beaches in one day! Definitely jealous....although we're psyched that we had a few sunny days in the 60s...almost springtime here!