Who's side were you on?

I think it's clear that we bleed blue and orange.

Okay, seriously, I think that "I bleed" business is so silly. Seriously, you BLEED the school colors? Gross.

I was thinking if I ever lived in a town where the school colors were red, I would make t-shirts that say, "Deny it if you will, but we ALL bleed RED." Pretty good, eh? At least it's accurate.

Anyway, back to Zane. I got home late last night from my 'sewing-with-sharon' time and B admitted that he had let Zane stay up for the Florida-BYU game. The entire game. Including overtime.

"Don't worry Michelle, he had a great time. He even got really into it at the end! He loves Jimmer!" It's not really about him having a great time, B. It's about him GETTING SLEEP.

Lucky for Brandon, today started Zane's spring break. So GO GATORS.

One other funny story from Zane this week. One night we were doing our evening stories (I was filling in for Brandon, who is the usual storyteller), and Zane said, "Mom, I have to ask you something." (He says that 100 times a day right now. He'll say it, then ask for a drink of water. Crisis, resolution. Phew.) This time, he continued by saying, "This isn't real, just a story. But (again) I have to ask you something."
"Okay Z, what is it?"
"Okay Mom, remember, it's not real..... but what if I liked Pops just ONE more than I liked you? Not a lot, just ONE more. Would your feelings be hurt?"
"You know what Zane? I probably wouldn't mind if you liked Pops just one more than me. I think Pops is pretty awesome too."
"Really?" said Zane. "In that case, I have to tell you, that was a lie, it's not a story. I DO like Pops ONE more than you. But that's okay, right?"
"It's okay Zane."
"And I like Annie 30."

I didn't know what that meant, but it seemed at least positive, so I let it rest.

When Brandon got home, he told me that Zane had asked him that same thing the night before, and they'd agreed that Zane could probably like Pops one more than me (as long as it was okay with me). Because that would still put me at an 89.

All the sudden, 30 didn't seem so positive.

Brandon tells me the other day he asked Annie if he was her favorite person. No, it was mom. Then me, he asked? No, then Sienna. Then me? No, then Zane. THEN ME? Um, okay, then you daddy.

At least I'm somebody's favorite.

Sigh. Parenthood. :)


megfutbol said…
Love it!...and you're a great storyteller.
Alyson said…
I have visited your blog again. Always a joy! Congrats on the Gator win (sniff, sniff).
this is so precious to document Michelle. Good for you for doing it! And so adorable. Cade talks in numbers too (liking annie 30). It think it's so cute how they just want to add to the smarty adult number talking.