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Life is funny. Blogs are funny.

This weekend I directed the stake choir. It's been 6 weeks (more or less) of stress and anxiety working up it. The end result was awesome. (Filled the seats, sang our guts out.) I'm thankful to be moving on.

This week Brandon's SAND BAG WALL got tested in the hurricane simulator. It's been 6 YEARS (more or less) of stress and anxiety working up to it. The end result was awesome. (60 pounds per square foot or something! hurricane proof, folks!) I'm not quite sure he's thankful to be moving on, but there are other things (like a dissertation) to attend to.

Anyway, our life has been full of many things, but instead of recording all of those significant events, all I'm going to show you today are BIBS. Okay and a potholder.

I know I know. Big whoop. And I admit, I wish I had another super-cool quilt to show you instead. But those babies are time consuming. And fabric consuming. So instead, I give you scrappy bibs:

These bibs (tutorial here) are for the gal who's been my choir nursery person all year. NO ONE likes to watch other people's kids on Sunday nights. I understand. This gal did it all year (and all last year), so I made her 3 bibs. And good news, she's expecting a baby, so they might even be of use.

The potholder was a bit of an experiment. Tutorial here. I didn't know when I started that it would be THE BIGGEST POTHOLDER IN THE WORLD. It's big. It's laughably big. It's also going to a couple who helped me with choir nursery, this time STAKE choir nursery for the last month (don't get me started on the trouble I caused by wanting to include parents of small children in my choir. ).

In trying to use all scraps, I might have moved towards my Grandma Bee's philosophy that "almost matching is okay!" but oh well. What's the good of a handmade gift you can't raise your eyebrows at, after all?

One time, this couple (the potholder couple) had us over for dinner.
"How long have you two been married?" I asked.
"Six months," came the reply. "And you?"
I'm pretty sure they hope they don't still live here when they've been married NINE YEARS. Oh, the adventures of our lives.

On the actual day of stake conference, among other rockstars watching those same small children so that the parents could sit and stay on the stand (thank you cami!), we had the Gators' placekick holder helping out. Do you think he'd like a bib or a potholder as a thank you?


Isn't it against ncaa rules for you to give him any sort of gift?! ;) Just kidding....but hey...who are you guys cheering for tomorrow night?!
Kandice, to answer your question:
Go Gators!

Ann Marie said…
The bibs are darling. I'll bet the placekick holder has big hands so the pot holder would actually be perfect. I love the mermade embroidered logo. And as an afterthought - Go Cougars! (I am going visiting teaching while the game is on because I don't do well with stress.)
Astyn said…
John's hands have served the Gators it would be a shame to get them burned. I vote pot holder. I actually love the 'scrappiness' of the bibs, and what is more, I really like 'homemade' gifts. But I am sentimental like that.
megfutbol said…
Feel like making any more bibs? I'd love to pre-order some from you for a friend!....oh, and have I mentioned that you're amazing!