Fort Desoto Beach Sunset

Well hello.

So we wanted to do something for B's spring break. We are usually nothing kind of people, but one night Brandon found this website for Fort Desoto beach camping and that blue water/white sand lulled us both into a trance. Come! Come! It whispered loudly. So we went.

We left after Z's school on Thursday (why don't they have the same spring break? no idea) which got us there right about Sunset. So even though it was windy and cold, we had to sneak a peek at the beach.

Oo, not to mention sunset on the water reminds me of Sunset Beach in Hawaii:

What can I say about these moments except that everyone deserves to witness a sunset on the beach?

Even if it's so windy you can hardly stand it.

So, one glorious memory captured:

Boo yah! Point for the "pro" side of camping.

And remember how before I have said before that I always think I like camping until 2 am when I'm freezing and frustrated? Well, that was before I got ALPACA WOOL socks for Christmas from my husband. Camping has never been so fantastic. Kids are self-heaters, Brandon has always packed correctly for cold weather, and now I can FINALLY stay warm all night long. Another point for the "pro" side.

Point for the "con" side? Midnight that first night when Brandon and I woke up to a flat mattress and remembered someone had mentioned a "slow leak" in a previous conversation. Sigh. We will continue to be us, won't we?

Tomorrow: more beaches. And more wild goose chases. Because we will continue to be us.


Astyn said…
I love the photo of Zane at the end. Classic. Awesome camping at the beach. I wish we would have thought of that. We took the kids overnight camping down near the alligators and we froze to death. Luckily Eean brought a space heater....but I am envious of your wool socks.
Kjerstin said…
Wool socks save the day! or night...whatever. I think every air mattress we've owned (all 2 of them) have had slow leaks. Great sunset!
Jenneka said…
Todd is not a camper, but when we were first married I convinced him to go... his only condition was that he not have to sleep on the ground. So we bought a queen size air mattress with a queen size cot/stand thing that put it up at normal bed level. We tried it out in our living room and it was very comfortable.

But wouldn't you know it... there we were in our tent at 2 am with the supports for the stand poking right into our backs. Sigh. Needless to say, we've never gone camping again.
Jenny said…
You're right, there's something special about a beach sunset. I love the fact that the beach grass in FL looks exactly the same as the beach grass in WA! That first picture heading out to the beach could have been where we camped last summer near West Port, WA...I love camping near the beach!