Bring on the Annie-isms

This morning, out of the blue, Annie says to me, "We don't tell CAP (crap) in our house, right mom?"
"Right, Annie. We don't say crap in our house."
"Right mom. uh-cuz (because) we tell CAP in our car!"

She's on to me.

One more great one from her. One day last week, she was adding an ee to the end of everything. Mommy. Sheepy. Etc. Then Brandon entered the room and "pops" became "Popsy."

After saying it a first time, Annie giggled to herself then said to Brandon, "I jus call you Popsy!" So masculine. He was thrilled.

That's all for now! Just didn't want to forget them. I have some crafty things to share tomorrow. Awesome!


Astyn said…
Awesome. My children's discerning ears are also catching phrases I would rather they wouldn't.
Ann Marie said…
I wonder if popsy is better than daddy?
Jenneka said…
Laughed so hard about "CAP in the car" that Todd wanted to know what was funny - then he had a good chuckle too. Thanks for putting a smile on our faces this evening.