Guess what today is?

How I love kindergarteners. Seriously, next year he will NOT wear this crown all the way home on the bus, agreed?

Sigh. Today is such a happy day. As Brandon and I reminisced about 6 years ago, we both concur that we had NO idea what we were in for with this incredible little fellow. He came a whole month early, you know. In two hours, from water breaking to the newborn "WAHHH!!!" At one point, about 30 hours into his little life, we didn't think he was going to make it (dang that premature apnea). Little did we know how he would thrive. How he would LOVE life. How he would help US love life. He is my little hero.

And speaking of Star Wars(?), he's decided he REALLY likes Star Wars. So you can imagine how he felt today when a package from his cousins in Illinois arrived, and inside he found the STAR WARS trilogy (yes, on vhs). Here, if you can't imagine:

(sorry about the blur but come on, how can i not include THAT moment?)

Cousins, you're #1. Thank you SO MUCH from Zane, and from Yoda (and from Annie! above and beyond guys, seriously):

Action figures also arrived. And Annie got right in on the action:

"Ah nehber dih mee baa die!" she hollers.

Birthdays are happy days. He hasn't even asked about the pile of gifts/cards waiting from other adoring family members. Maybe we'll open them after his pool party tonight (which, by the way, I'm supposed to be preparing shish kabobs for as we speak).

Speaking of Zane, here are two more isms, just for this special day:

"Mom, did you know that 'indigo' in spanish is still 'indigo?' In fact, 'indigo' is still 'indigo' in England too!" (to which i say, "You mean english?" and he replies, "No, I mean England! and Florida too!")

And this morning, while watching me peel a cucumber for his lunch: "Man, am I ever glad I'm NOT THAT CUCUMBER!"

I love love love this kid.


Lillie said…
Am I EVER glad I'm not that cucumber? I would never even think to put my words together like that! You are raising a tiny-adult or something. I love it.

Happy Birthday Zane!
Emily said…
I love that Zaneman too!
I don't know if you heard what he said when I was talking to him on the phone the other day... I told him how I have never seen star wars, and his reply was: "You've been alive for fifteen years and have never seen star wars?!" :D
Happy Birthday Zane!
Love, Emmy