Brandon and Zane and an afternoon alone...

A couple of weekends ago, B and Z went down to Lake Wauburg without the girls. "How was it?" I asked when they returned. "Fun," came the reply from both.

Well, we just received this picture from someone else who had attended the party:

No wonder their "fun" had a little evil in it. At least Z didn't actually EAT the thing. And once the tail had fallen off, B even pronounced it time to let him go.

Still, boys. I don't understand.

Two more from Zane today. First, from Saturday. We were in the parking lot of the grocery store, and he was climbing crazily all over the cart.
"Hey, no climbing like that please," I said.
"Why?" replied Z. "Is it because it might tip over?"
"And I might fall over with it and crack my head open?!"
"And even worse, there might be a car that drives by and runs me over and I get defeated??!!!!"
"Well, I hope not, but yes that could happen."

And one more. Brandon was trying to help Zane with is part for the Primary Program next week. He made up a game. "Okay, let's both say your part, and whoever says it better, wins, okay?" So they both said the part--Zane first with lots of mistakes and help, then Brandon, much more smoothly.
"So, Zane, who do you think won?" he asked.
"Me, of course," came the reply.
"You? But I believe I said more correct words than you." Brandon insisted.
"Yes," said Zane. "But pops, who's voice was prettier?"

That settled it. Zane won.


Thanks for providing my first happy laugh of the day!
Kjerstin said…
Agreed, Zane does have a prettier voice. What a kid.