Zane's adventure

Hey, I have loved the comments from the last post. I hope to continue the discussion there for a little while longer. In the meantime, here's some mommy-blogging at its finest:

Zane watches nickelodeon. and apparently, all summer little folks have been going on adventures. to the post office. to the piano making warehouse. etc. They are filmed with voice overlay and musical accompaniment and everything.

And, well, Zane thinks that all he has to do to be on tv too someday is to go on an adventure, document it through pictures, and send it in. I'm hoping there's an online version somewhere so all his hopes don't have to be crushed. Especially since all I can come up with for a "fun adventure" is a riveting bike ride through the forest/swamp/neighborhood (while the rest of the family comes too and walks the dog).

Here, he sets off:

And here the rest of us follow, 1/2 mile behind. Notice that Brandon is holding Kate's reigns this time, not Annie. Still "too carry mommy":

We stop at some bonafide woods (that happen to be right next to a house. you can't really see it through the trees though, right? we're still fooling a few of ya?):

Then he peddles on until ***GASP*** Zane finds the COOLEST THING EVER! Except.... "Uh, What IS THAT THING?" he has to ask.

It's a water tower. Somehow hidden from view until this, the all-important adventure. Thumbs up indeed:

Maybe all your adventuring be this fruitful.


Rae said…
Dude, the kid needs a webcast. He could be totally iZane. I would watch that :)