You know what's coming today, right? kindergarten, of course!

Okay so we are now the parents of an official school go-er. Last Friday (picture below, left) we did a dry run, including meeting the teacher, finding the desk, etc. Then, before the crack of dawn this morning, we did the real deal (picture below, right):

Okay so I'm just kidding. kinda.

However, since 6:57am sure feels LITERALLY like "before the crack of dawn," I appreciated the flash's interpretation of the morning.

This is more of what it looked like:

who's that kid with the HUGE backpack? it's like an orange on a toothpick! (hey and it's even orange! and z's kind of a toothpick!) it has its own weather system!

oh yeah, and look how we totally spilled toothpaste on the 1st day shirt (uniform). we are awesome.

sigh. it came, it went. he got on the bus without even a glance back, and when he returned home this afternoon, he said school was "good."

(although later he admitted it was a tad boring, and he wanted to come home all day. hold back the tears, michelle. you still have to send him tomorrow.)

while he was gone, me and annie girl-ed it up.

wings, check. high heels, check. pink twirly skirt, double check. You should have seen me.

Comments have a go-to-school-everyday-er.... enjoy it for me michelle! and hopefully he won't be bored tomorrow. If so, maybe time to skip a grade. You do realize you have a genuis over there, don't you?? :)
Ginger said…
What? no picture of you and your girl get-up? I'm disappointed.
Kjerstin said…
I'm with Ginger, I'd pay a few bucks to see the mommy girly-ed up! :) I just can't believe he's in kindergarten. The first day is always a little boring, with all the getting to know you business. Thanks for your super awesomeness! I don't know what I would do without you!