This post could either be entitled "So you'll never guess what" or "if you go there, it will work"

Because you'll never guess what. we went to the beach. I took my camera (who knows why). I pulled it out first thing, and WAIT A MINUTE, IT'S FOCUSING!!!

Okay so if you're like Brandon, and you never actually took a serious look at the camera lens while "broken," you might be thinking I followed Lillie's advice from last post's comments (which I did, and took off the lens, and put it back on, and tried it, didn't work so I did it again, then put it back in the case without trying it), and it was my misunderstanding in the first place and the camera was never really broken.

But let me tell you, it WAS BROKEN. For 3 or 4 days. and I pulled it out on the beach, and it was FIXED. I'm calling it a beach-side miracle. a tender mercy. in either case, a total mood changer/turn-your-frown-right-upside-downer. hallelujah.

Okay, so onto a post full of the same pictures I take every time I go to the beach. I AM NOT KNOWN FOR MY CREATIVITY! BUT I DON'T EVEN CARE THIS TIME! :)

Actually, this time Brandon brought some body boards. And flippers. And he totally rocked both:

Especially later in the day, the tide went out and all the waves broke at this one, consistent place. Brandon rode many a wave, and even his clumsy, non-athletic wife caught a few (or maybe just one--still, I got a proud-of-me squeeze from him afterwards). Totally fun.

As usual, Zane loved the water:

and Annie loved the sand. All we had were our trusty garden tools this time, still in the back of the car from our move from Idaho...because seriously, there's nowhere else to put them. And it's a good thing too, because they came in handy today, when we forgot to put anything else in.

I'll never get over those lips, I tell you what.

We all took turns with the kids, and Brandon and I LOVED having Linds there as a third adult. She played happily in both sand and surf, and even took a picture of two, which I appreciated!

Zane had his ups and downs today. Here's right after a down, that down being getting stung by the body board leash as I was pulling him and he caught a mini-wave and whipped around me:

Disgust. Doesn't happen with him very much.

Luckily, he snapped out of it. Here a few moments later, literally, is an "up:"

We played for hours. With a storm brewing all morning, there were great breezes and fabulous clouds:

(wish I'd gotten just a bit more of the blue sky on the least that is Zane in the fore-est ground, and not some random kid.)

And even amidst the ominous clouds, we kept going. A little sand digging here:

(Jenneka, notice we are in the exact. same. spot. as last time. I even saw some of the same people. yep, we're regulars.)

A little more lunch eating there:

And a little napping everywhere:

(Okay so really, Annie held this pose for precisely 3 seconds. I can't BELIEVE I got this shot. then she was up and out of there. While Brandon snoozed on.)

The only not-great part of my camera experience today was not catching a whole lot of Lindsey close up. Here she is, over and over again, far away:

Sigh. Play on Lindsey. Next time, I'll demand close-ups.

As if the beach itself wasn't enough for a perfect day, we also got gelato from our favorite place and down home, greasy, yummy-corn-bread Sonny's for dinner, a treat we only allow ourselves when Lindsey comes to visit.

Now we're totally fried, totally full, and feeling totally fabulous. :) Today was a good day.


Emily said…
Hip Hip Hooray!
Hooray for ADORABLE Anniegirl!(love the pose with the stylin shades)
Hooray for Zaneman's "ups"!(I remember getting stung by a body board leash too! He's so tough!)
Hooray for a magically fixed camera!
and Hooray for all the great pictures!
em-who wrote this, and mom-who agrees with this :D
Kjerstin said…
IT'S A MIRACLE!!! I'm so happy it's fixed! In fact, I'm so happy for you that I'm not a bit jealous of the beautiful beach shots, or the fun surfing shots, or even the super cute tan Michelle shots. :) You are the best and you deserve every happy minute of your wonderful day.