some zane quotes from today

We were at a music store this morning buying piano books. I asked Zane what instrument he might be interested in playing someday.

"Hmmm..." he said. "I think a microphone. So I can, you know, rock it."

So then we went to piano lessons. I teach two kids while their mom watches Z and A (and her other children) in their fun, roomy playroom upstairs. So I get an hour break from my kids, and she still pays me for teaching the lessons. And, during the summer, we have been staying for lunch. So I get food in the deal too.

The point of this story? She was telling me that their old piano teacher (who just moved back into town and happens to be beautiful and buff and sings well and I wouldn't mind being her) was over at their house, and she heard one of the kids playing the piano. Apparently (and although this story is probably over-dramatized and exaggerated because that's how this mommy is, which I like because that's kinda how I am) this old teacher gasped and said, "Wow, your daughter has really improved since I left." The mom told her, "Oh you think so? You knew Michelle, right? She is their teacher now.." To which the gal said, "Oh, that's totally why (remember, the exaggeration). Anything Michelle touches turns to talent." And as the mom was telling me this she said, "See girl, we're LUCKY to have you!"

And I thought they would want to switch back once the old teacher returned. Because I tend to be stern. and expect things of my students, like practicing, and practicing the way I WANT them to practice. But maybe I'm doing okay after all. (Or maybe it's because the other gal has decided to go to medical school instead. but I'd rather not remember that part of the story.)

So I mentioned lunch right? Today she made chicken, rice, broccoli, and corn. Zane ate everything up. I was surprised, the chicken was almost neon orange and unlike anything he's seen, thanks to her spicy seasoning. So when we got home, I gave him a treat. "For eating everything on your plate without complaining," I explained.

"But mom, I always eat everything on my plate," he replied. As if there were any other options!

I can't wait to share him with a special kindergarten teacher in a few short weeks.

ps--we're still house sitting for a few weeks, can you believe it? hence the lack of posts. I've become permanently attached to their leather sofa (and their sewing machine. and their grand piano. and their king-sized bed. and lots of other wonderful things not interesting enough to document).


Ginger said…
Can you imagine a teacher that LET her students just practice or play whatever for the 6 days that they don't have lessons? Geesh.

This is why I love to teach my own kids...because every day is lesson day around here. (Actually, it's not. But Loren can never tell when I'm giving them a lesson or when I'm helping them practice.! oops)