Remember my obsession with blue and pink?

Yep, I still love it. Seriously, can it get any better than this?

I asked them to hold hands, and both looked at me as though I'd asked them to eat bugs.

so it begins. okay, okay, no hand holding.

Ann Marie, you asked me in your last comment where I was in all those pictures. I figured after all the pics of me in Utah, we all needed a break. But never fear, here I am:

(sympathetic "aws" from the crowd. thanks. it's almost better, I hope.)

And here's some more pink and blue (and a squished ant):

I tried to "sharpen" this next pink one a little, and it seemed to "grain-ify" instead. oh well:

A non-grainy blue:

And you know what, sometimes I like them, even with no blue and pink present:

Sometimes, happinesses in life happen on the way to mailbox.


Ann Marie said…
Even the shoes are blue and pink - how fun. Glad your toe is healing. You are in brown and brown. I can't decide if that is significant.
Brenny said…
Great pictures. I love the 'happiness on the way to the mailbox' quote. Wonderful.