proof of lindsey's happiness...and fog...

Aunt Lindsey rocked. She left Friday evening, and ALL DAY yesterday, Zane would occasionally pause, sigh, and say, "I wish Aunt Lindsey could have stayed longer" or "I wish Aunt Lindsey were still here." And of course, Annie the parrot would parrot, "nyah (yeah), ah we an winsy sih here!"

(He didn't even want to take this picture because it meant she was leaving. He got all cloudy afterwards.)

Lindsey taught Annie some good lessons too, without even knowing it. See, we had Lindsey stay in "Annie's room" while she was visiting. After she left, Annie got her room back. But not before quite a discourse from her: "I SHARE a an winsy mommy. SHARE. a mah tuh (my turn) an winsy tuh, a mah tuh, an winsy turn. see mommy, I SHARE mah roo!" Thanks Linds.

(I'm pretty sure Annie's again saying, "I SHARE!" in this picture. Think we've drilled it enough?)

I made these guys sit in the sunniest part of the house for this last shot. They are nice to oblige. I promised some close-ups, did I not?

Sigh. It was a nice week. And I've had a great sabbath. Some things I've been moving around in my mind have finally resolved themselves, and I'm feeling motivated to be better. People like Lindsey make me want to be better. Thanks for coming, lady.

Did I mention we live in a beautiful place? If you come and visit us, we WILL take you to St. Augustine. Here are some shots while I was waiting (with sleeping annie close by in the windows-downed car) for the gelato-getters on the beach day:

(hey look, there are those gelato-getters now.)

Sigh. St. Augustine. Simply dreamy. Although Annie couldn't care less about where we are, as long as we have a princess or two along the way:

"Tay pee-two (take a picture) mommy! See, I WUH (love) mah pinta whoa-wuh (aurora), mah pinta eh-be-dehl (ariel. close, right?)"

You go girl.

One more thing from me today. We went on a family walk. And it was steamy. We're talking August-in-Florida-at-10-in-the-morning steamy. Don't believe me? Think you want to be here?

See, I wasn't lying. You can slice that humidity with a knife, no?

And look, Brandon truly does GLOW in this climate. Some pople were just meant for the swamp.

This girl doesn't seem to mind it either:

But then we saw some hardcore spiders on the playground equipment, and decided to bust out of there. Have you ever seen a spider with translucent green legs and stayed to play, after all?

Welcome to Florida.

This is the week we clean up and head home! 7 1/2 weeks, folks. So I'll be busy doing laundry and cleaning bathrooms and probably won't blog. And if you can believe it, I'm actually looking forward to seeing Corry Village again. (Remind me of that in a week, okay?) This semester's shaping up to be an full and exciting one, and I'm determined to remember that "enjoying" is better than just simply "enduring."

With that, peace out for a time! peace out, indeed.


Ginger said…
It's funny how I know exactly what Annie is saying even without your translations.
Ann Marie said…
One set of pictures calls me to Florida - the next set yells - stay away! Of course with our visits to your family there we have come to love Florida. Good luck with the move. Just keep a princess and a changable toy/person thing (what are they called again) around the the kids will be wonderful during the move.
Just getting caught up on some good reading tonight. Oh, how i've missed your blog!! Reading it makes me so happy for you and the fun little things you have the discipline to document. I love reading Annie's sentences you write complete with Annie-phonics and the pictures...oh the pictures of your kids. and you too! your hot bod and crazy awesome curly hair in your beach photo? Hello Michelle!! anyway, i sure love you and your ways of describing your life in're a good example to me. i need to be better, if not for the friends, for journal's sake for crying out loud!! keep it up michelle, for me and everyone else! :)
Holy cow- I can't believe that humidity. I can't believe you actually go places in it. It does seem thick enough to cut.