lenses and lindseys

Sigh. On Friday while I was recharging my camera battery, I decided to explore my camera. I took off the lens. I tried to put back on the lens. it didn't work. I shoved a little. it slipped a little. then crashed onto the table a little. and now low and behold, it no longer focuses. this is very sad news indeed. nick, are you reading this? will you tell me that it probably would have happened to you by now anyway, so I don't have to feel too badly?

anyway, we're looking into replacement options, but we might be a tad picture-less for the next little while.

which is unfortunate, because aunt Lindsey is here. And we would like to document her. and the yoga she was doing on the wii fit with annie yesterday (really, just one picture of annie doing the tree pose would have sufficed. totally rockin'). and the beach we will travel to this week. we'll try and figure something out.

In the meantime, the good news is that my kids continue to talk, so there will continue to be memorable phrases to record.

For instance, Annie loves to say, "A-member?" over and over again. as in, a-member when lindsey read me two books last night? a-member when we had yogurt for lunch? a-member when pops lifted both legs to look like an upside-down monkey 10 seconds ago? a-member? a-member? A-MEMBER?!

Zane, too, is thrilled to have Linds here, willing to play with him non-stop. He's a bit more formal about it though...this morning, in a gentlemanly manner, he said, "If you'd like to come in {and watch me play the computer}, you SHALL." shall? what?

We couldn't feel more lucky to have aunt Lindsey here. She fills a hole in our family. she makes me want to be a funner mother. (yes I just wrote funner. Zane is the formally trained one here, a-member?) she said she'd babysit so that we could actually go on a DATE later this week.

Solid gold.


Kjerstin said…
I don't remember anything else after the broken lens! Oh no! Is it wierd that I'm feeling a little sick? Did I tell you about the time I fell down some concrete stairs holding my camera? Swollen ankle, bruises everywhere and the first thing I said to my dad and my brother was "I think I broke my camera". I have issues.
Lillie said…
Are you sure it didn't just get bumped from automatic focus to manual? Or once, during a shoot, I switched lenses and all of a sudden it wouldn't focus.... I was in a panic. Then twisted a little more and realized it wouldn't focus because it wasn't twisted and clicked in all the way. Maybe there's just a little glitch keeping you from securing the lens properly... and now that the focus is broken??? maybe???

I'll be happy with some -isms though. xo
I'm hoping to show it to my photographer friend here...but when I shake the lens, something loose smacks around in there. sounds a bit like a focus-o-meter or something. uh-oh.

I have ruled out the auto/manual thing, because when I switch it to manual, I can move close and far away, but when I push the clicker, no focusing happens. just blurry close or blurry far. and when I turn it to auto and then try, a little whine comes from it, and no movement.

I hope when my friend sees it, she whips it into action. I doubt it though, because of the "something broke off and is not flying around in here freely" detail.

sigh. thanks for caring though, both of you.