here and there

Before we leave the summer entirely, I have a few "left-over" pictures I'd like to smatter here. (so, 'smatter' is not a word, but 'smattering' is? oh well, I've never let that get in my way anyhow...)

I know I know, if they weren't worth posting the first time around, what makes me think they are worth it now? Well, I'm doing my blog-to-book at the moment (AND IT'S TAKING UP ALL MY SPARE TIME! AND IT MAKES ME NOT WANT TO BE SO LONG-WINDED IN THE FUTURE! BUT I KNOW IT WILL BE WORTH IT IN THE END!) and I'm reminded that if a particular photo didn't make it to a blog post, it is now much too much work (about one extra click, but who's counting?) to double check and add it in at that point. So I'm doing it now, to save time later. there, That's reasonable, right?

By the way, my toe is finally feeling better TODAY. That is like 10 or 11 days later, folks. And "feeling better" really just means "not the first thing I think about with every step" so it's still not as quick in healing as I would like. still, progress is progress.

Okay, so here's our late summer in g'ville, on fast-forward. Grandparents and kind others, enjoy:

I've also been spending my week organizing my home/life, which is one of my favorite things to do, but not exactly blog-worthy. It has included a few sewing projects though, which I might be inclined to share sometime soon. Sigh. If only there were enough hours in the day to do everything we WANTED to do, as well as everything we HAVE to do. And don't tell me that waking up earlier is the answer. I've been up every morning at SIX THIRTY this week, and it has been brutal. :)

Zane, on the other hand, has melded himself easily into a grade school-er routine. he is my hero.


alliehoopes said…
ha ahha hah hahah. what's zane going to be for halloween? a branch?
That leaf one of Zane is awesome! I can't believe he's a kindergartner!!
Ann Marie said…
I can't decide which picture I like best but Zane as a leaf and Annie's melt down are right up there. Thanks for sharing. Plus - I would like to know how Zane is liking school now. Plus I like the robust picture of Brandon and his board. Where are you?
walt or jean said…
A caption for the Zane/leaf picture:
"If you think this is big, you should see the bug I just put my ear!"
Ginger said…
I just read that last sentence as "grad-schooler" instead of "grade-schooler" That would be funny
Kjerstin said…
That leaf looks like it can't be real, like you made him a sweet costume with realistic looking "monster leaf". Beautiful pictures, beautiful family and just think, if you were in Idaho you'd be starting to get out the sweatshirts (it's supposed to only get into the 60s for the next few days. Good bye summer!).