a few Annie things

(...try and steer your attention away from the modern dancer in the left part of this picture and turn back to the, ahem, main attraction.)

Last week I wanted to write a post about Annie's incessant "mom"s. "okay mom. righ here mom. tain too mom. hey mom. hi mom. bye mom. go-way mom. i knee you mom. mom! mom!! okay mom" and on and on and on all day. sounds like "okay bob" from strange brew.

well, I shouldn't have complained. a couple of days again, it turned into something else. Now whenever she needs me, I hear none other than, "ee-shehwoo! ee-shehwoo!"

at first it sounded like share (something we're CONTINUALLY trying to brainwash her into doing) or maybe shelf...but then I realized...

"ee-SHELL!" she'll yell mercilessly from the potty. "EEE-SHELLL!!!!!!!!!!"

i thought you weren't supposed to deal with children calling you by your first name until they were teenagers. well, adolescence has come early, folks.

feel free to come by and join her. a chorus of "ee-shell"s! is sure to make me happy. or drive me completely insane.

(now, go back to the modern dancer on the left. he thought I was only taking a picture of the would-be singer in the family [who by the way sings like her dad, but don't tell her I said that]. heh heh heh, I'm so sneaky.)

oh, one more thing about annie. she's a knee patter. she'll come over, give you a hug, then pat your knee. give you a kiss, then rub your back for good measure. when she luvs, she really luvs. and in these past couple weeks, she's re-stolen my heart all over again. she asks about my toe hourly:"yoh toh fee-oo bedder now, ee-shell? aw.." Then a kiss on my toe and a pat on my knee and she's on her way.


Kjerstin said…
I almost choked on my cottage cheese from laughing (yeah, cottage cheese, my healthy alternative to night time ice cream). Both of their faces in are just awesome. Honestly, I thought Zane was doing a battle pose. What a sweet little girl, just like her mom. Even though she sings like her dad. :)
First: GREAT to hear your voice the other day. SECOND: Booking plane tickets is a pain, but not when I think about getting to hang out with you in a few months!!
Third: I will always remember the day in one of our MusEd classes "Well, my sweet husband, bless his heart, is an engineer and is a terrible singer..." Well Annie, at least brains and beauty run in the family if music passed you by.
Ann Marie said…
Like father, like daughter. I have a picture of Brandon rocking out with a vacuum cleaner. That is what my kids used as a microphone.
Lucky Day said…
I commented to Margot the other day "Isn't Geoffrey so handsome?" And she said, "No, he is not Phillip."