A contrast

Gotta love how boys' and girls' play is often a bit different.

For instance, in the same 2 sq. ft. here, Annie's dancing her princesses calmly, daintily (and then laying them down gently so she can eat pretzals and point):

And Zane's going "BAM! pshoo pshoo pshoo (gun sounds, people)! WHOOOOAAA! HELP ME HELP ME, AHHH!" etc with poor helpless Ariel (snatched from the dancing scene above, I see now. Wallflowers beware).

Here we are, a day later, and Annie's got the ladies safely inside her {pearl necklace} force field. Starscream can never get them now, Zane tells me. This news makes Annie very happy:

And she sings them to sleep and pours tea over them and shoves life-sized {plastic} grapes into their faces. Happily ever after indeed.


Debbie said…
Love to hear the stories! Your kids are so quotable. Annie is such a little lady (with a twist that you can only get from having a big brother). I liked the microphone quote from the last post too. Makes me smile. :)
Brooks Family said…
Hi Michelle.

Its Brenda (Pickup) and I was hoping you could help me out. We're moving to Arizona in the next month and Lauren Shumway mentioned that you had a cousin living in the San Tan Valley. We are interested in buying a home there and I was wondering if your cousin wouldn't mind talking to me about that area. If so, could you send me an email at bb.brooks@gmail.com Thanks!