what are little girls made of?

I'm not quite sure, but I think it has to do with pink and sparkles. and high heels:

"Ah knee mah (i need my) pinta shoos mommy!" "Mah wan (wand)! Mah Cow (crown)! Mah netah (necklaces)!" and on and on and on.

The rest of us don't quite get it:

Makes us a little dizzy, in fact:

But whatever floats her boat (especially when it involves liking the newest dress I made her, shown above under the tutu, since she wouldn't actually let go of the tutu, but at least you get the picture) is fine with me.

Read it this way: Annie, circa summer 2010.


Jenneka said…
Love it! Love the dress (I was checking it out in nursery today), love the smile in the bottom left pic, love the dizzy pic (how did you do that?!?), love the girlyness, love it ALL!!!
Kristen Miner said…
Hey hun! It's great to see your cute family a little better. Thanks for the invite for ice cream tomorrow and I received your email too. We have a family blog as well called aminerproblem.blogspot.com. We will see you tomorrow!
Debbie said…
She is growing up so fast! Sparkles and princess attire are definitely something to look forward to. :)
sigh. your life seems a dream. i know it's hard at times...just like mine...I have to keep reminding myself that. but come on!! FLORIDA!!!!!