we are a tad bit "one-note wonder"-ific over here...

...but I couldn't not write this one.

Yesterday, Annie wanted si-di-da. (cereal. close, right?) She eyed a particular figure on the top of a frosted mini-wheats box.

"MA-DA-DO! MA-DA-DO!" We look up and see mario. our new best friend.

"Annie, you see Mario? Do you like Mario?"

"Yah, I wuh (love) ma-da-do. I pyay wii all day!"

all day huh? we promise, it's just after dinner!!

she knows how to bubble (thanks for educating us in the comments, one of you commenters..we hadn't known about this fine option) and then shake shake shake!! and repeat.

and of course, my favorite part of the process is when I sing, "Shake shake shake, shake shake shake..."

and she finishes it off with, "shay mah boo-ee."


ps--you know we're still house sitting right? and when we go home in a month (yes, still a month!) there is no wii? this is either going to be a really good thing....or not.


Tina said…
the solution is simple-

you need to buy a wii
Lillie said…
Is this the same house you house sitted for last year or so…. this sounds like a good deal.

We bought a wii off of a friend for Ross's birthday and my girls LOVE to sing while Ross plays…. they've got the words down pretty good to 21 guns… and some others--- I'm a fan. Even though the idea of video games has always made me cringe a bit.

a- she is so NOT a ragumuffin… and b: I TOTALLY still use that word--- like ALL of the time on my girls. They probably think it's a term of endearment. Although I'm not really sure how to spell it. xo