nothing to report...and let's call that a good thing

Sometimes life is just good. No misplacing the White House. No car wrecks. No sunburns.

Good = boring though, I've noticed. And although I've always kinda loved 'boring,' it doesn't make for great blog posts. Still, here's a memory I'd like to write down:

Yesterday we went to Corry for a few necessities (because elastic thread is a necessary, people). And both kids' reactions to being "home" was sweet. Annie exclaimed, "Heh-woh mah pitty how! (hello my pretty house)" and Zane busted out with a sighed, "I love this place."

Remember, it was 92 degrees in there as they were saying those words.

Still, it made me sit back and take notice that they recognized it as a true "home"-- and that is a happy thought for me. It sure is small in there. It is the opposite of fancy. While inside, my eyebrows were sweating. Yet, when it came time to say goodbye, both were reluctant. "Can we come back and live here again someday?" Zane asked, on our way out the door. Sure, but I'd like to install a ceiling fan or two first, I thought. And Annie added, "doo-bah mah pitty how!"

Kids get it, I think.

Speaking of kids, one of mine would like her ears pierced. And you can't quite see it in the picture, but she prefers them up on the ear a little more than is usually socially accepted:

Hooray for the dull! (I should look for that in bumper sticker form.)


Ann Marie said…
Sweet moments are life's little treasures. I guess that means vacations are fun but 'home' is the best. Even without Mario :)
Kjerstin said…
Hmmm. . .elastic thread. . .what are you working on?