more family fun with our family

Okay so normally I've been taking the dog out for a walk/run in the mornings.

Except on mornings like this morning when I went to the beach instead. (yay! the beach! more about that tomorrow.)

So instead, the walk got pushed back to an evening walk. Which got made all that much better when Brandon asked if I'd like company. We'd been on a few successful walks as a family since the day both kids skinned their knees in the first 2 minutes, and I was happy to have the company. We turned off the wii and got ready (on World 5 now! Zane thinks the dog loves world 5 because right when we made it there, Brandon brought out the Kate's leash and she started going all crazy for it. Zane's convinced that he's converted another Mario-ite).

We started out together and wow, did things get out of hand fast. Picture this. Zane is on his bike this time. He knows how to start all by himself these days and also knows how going FAST down the hill translates to a doable uphill later. So he takes off, with Brandon on his own bike keeping up. Annie's got the dog leash again, this time all safely buckled in the BOB, with me pushing.

Suddenly, all you-know-what breaks loose. Kate DARTS to catch up with our speedy racecar-ing Zaneman and we've got on our hands a BULL (or a bucking bronco, if you prefer) who just got lead out of its pin, except for instead of riding right on top, Annie's holding the reins, and I'm bringing up the rear, running as fast as I can and holding onto the handlebars of the stroller, trying to steer the girl, steer the BOB and steer the dog all at the same time.

RO-DE-O. I tell you what.

At one point, the BOB hits a sidewalk and lurchs sideways. Luckily its the bomb and Annie is unharmed. In fact, she keeps holding on tight, and once I return the BOB to its upright position, we're off again and she's intermingling complete joy and laughter with utter terror and "NO KATE-KATE! TAH! (STOP!) KATE-KATE! KATE-KATE!"

Finally Zane, our ringleader, coasts obliviously to a stop a few hundred yards up, turns back and yells, "MOM! I MADE IT UP THE BIG HILL!"

I would cheer for him, but I'm doubled over, gasping. Good thing I bought new running shoes last weekend. Too bad I was in jeans shorts.

Annie refused to hold the leash the whole way home. "Too carry (scary) mommy." You should have SEEN the panting/slobbering from Kate too, once we settled safely in back home.

Heck, you should have SEEN IT ALL. Totally awesome. :)


Ginger said…
I'm completely disapointed that you didn't take pictures of the whole thing. It's still funny without them though.
alliehoopes said…
world 5 is killer. minus the bum-snapping clam plant things.
Jenneka said…
I could TOTALLY picture every second of this story! Maybe because Parker and I have so recently biked up that very hill (well, to be honest, we stopped part way up and walked our bikes the rest of the way) - so, way to go, Zane! But I also relate because our little puppy in Oregon would pull me so hard on our walks that the only way I could keep up with her was to take Parker's scooter with me and ride behind her... like she's the boat and I'm the water-skier! I always felt pretty ridiculous but she LOVED it.