Itchin' for a Post

Every time I try and think of a great post, I realize that it would be an exact replica of last summer.

Ooo, I'll take pictures of all the cool houses on the street during my dog walking! Been there.

Oh, okay what about all the great summer fruit/food around here, and how I love cooking in this kitchen because I can still interact with the kids while doing so through the "look through." Done that.

If all else fails, I could always do lots more swimming shots. Come on Michelle, can't you think of anything?

Well, apparently not, because here's another bath shot (like unto another bath shot). Baths are, after all, a commodity for our family in our regular g'ville life:

Annie's been Annie this week (I know, what a surprise) and I've really struggled with it. Up and down, happy then sad, in and out, laughing then screaming, playing nicely with other kids then bullying profusely. I know it all sounds like "not a big deal" in hind sight, but man, there were some really difficult moments this past week. I think my frustration is coupled with anxiety about my mothering/coping techniques, which go on display for anyone who comes to visit, which happens a lot because we are in a sweet situation right now that allows for lots of visitors.

Am I being firm enough with rules and consequences? Am I being kind and loving enough for Annie's sensitive heart? AM I THE REAL PROBLEM?! Yeah, just be glad you haven't had to be Brandon this week.

But dealing with this little girl has also brought out the mama bear in me. I'm fiercely in search of her good moments, and I feel the need to put THOSE on display somewhere, to counteract the bad ones. Here is an example of a good moment:

Annie loves Tom and Jerry right now, thanks for onDemand TV and my dad. I know I know, it is CRAZY in the politically correct deficiency category, as well as a tad violent (in the ridiculously, never-really-gonna-happen-and-we-all-grew-up-watching-the-same-thing-so-deal-with-it way), but alas she loves it. She eyed it at the library and that was the end of it. She asks for it, then giggles and says, "siddy derry. (silly jerry)" I think she thinks Jerry is the cat, but oh well. Maybe Jerry IS the cat, to tell you the truth I have no idea.

Anyway, I caught this moment with her one evening during her favorite video segment:

"Ah pay padado an derry pay padado. siddy derry. ha ha ha ha!" ( Translated: I play piano and jerry play piano. you know the rest.)

Play on Annie. Play on.

The mama bear showing off continues. Two other great phrases she mastered this week:
"I don no," said emphatically whenever she, you know, don't know.


"why? why? why? why?" (gotta love that dipthong. you parents of normal-speeded talkers didn't know that a dipthong was a thing to master, did you? well it is.)

Aside from all the Annie nonsense filling up my brain, I have been able to see that we have pretty much PEAKED in our ideal lives this summer. Swimming in the morning, joined by pops for lunch picnics in the shaded back deck. Naps and a/c and quiet time in the afternoon. wii by candlelight. life will never again be this great. we're trying to soak it all in.

In the words of Zane (brought to you by his quiet time today): Fire!

(Ashley look, your birthday bag is finished on the chair back there! Sending it soon, pretty lady.)

And the dog looks on. (the dog looks a bit like the Bush's Baked Beans dog, wouldn't you say?)


alliehoopes said…
ahhhhh annie and lily. not the same but similar enough because i get it. i scream and yell and force her just to wear the dang clothes even though they're just not comfy and then realize that maybe i should be the one to say 'ya, playing soccer in a dress that doesn't match your team would be super. who cares anyway' but then isn't it my job to get her to mold herself just enough into what's going to be accepted by most? but also i feel like I'm this special lucky mom since I've been entrusted with HER so I must be able to think out of the box with these parenting solutions. but another meltdown and i'm gonna lose it. "just be happy" and i'm learning that even though I'm totally a "jsut be happy" type of person, she's not. and her happy moments really are magic. like she totally feels joy and happiness way more than the normal kid and that's wonderful if you can just get through the fits about wearing anything that grazes your neck too closely or whatever the issue may be that month. so what I'm saying is we're in the same club. good luck. i get that it's hard. let's keep trying to encourage them more and be gentle and be on their magic litle team. not going to proofread because i'm into crazy-talk. out.
Ann Marie said…
I see a concert pianist in the making.