The ins and the outs of our weekend...

We met a couple of neighbors (one current, one past) at Chuck E Cheese's on Friday afternoon. Good company, below average activity. Who needs to spend 20 bucks on a few slices of bad pizza and some penny toys anyway? After the event, Zane said, "Hmm. That wasn't as good as I was expecting it to be." The end of innocence, sorry my man zane.

Then, as if to put an exclamation point on the "I don't ever really want to go there again" statement running through my mind on the way home, we got in a bad rainstorm on the freeway heading home.....and got rear-ended, BAM!

Florida is crazy with its patchy CRAZY RAIN storms. First it's pouring cats and dogs. Then you cross the street and it's dry as a bone. This happened on the way home that day. It was coming down hard and I wondered to myself how we were ever going to get through it safely. Then we had a completely dry patch of road and I thought to myself, "Good! We're out of the worst of it!" Until a few minutes later, when we were right back in the middle of it again. I was in the middle lane, and coming up quickly on a fellow going TOO SLOW for the flow of traffic. Not wanting to cause an accident, I moved to the left lane. Then we came upon the CRAZY RAIN, and I noticed some cars pulled off to the left, on the rumble strip. For just a split second, I thought of pulling off myself, but when I looked in my rear-view mirror, I saw the person behind me doing just that. He moved diagonally past me, as if the rumble strip were a passing lane. Strange, I thought, as I looked out the driver's side window at him. Then I looked in my rear-view again, just in time to see the car behind him coming at me, and not stopping. BAM! and it was done. Luckily, I've been mentored by Brandon enough to stay WAY behind the person in front of me, especially in bad weather, so I didn't continue the chain of wreck-ness. Brandon, I knew your grampa driving would come in handy one day.

Still, lame. Lame lame lame. But everyone was okay and the lady (2 cars back, as there were three of us total) was very sorry and all that, blah blah blah. It was still very scary, and frustrating to have to wait around (for over an hour) for the report, and even a bit worrisome to get back ONTO the freeway in the still crazy rain, then stressful to have to get the rest of the way home. Zane was extra thirsty and asked me a number of times if he was going to be "defeated" due to lack of water. Needless to say, when we got home we STAYED home. Brandon even got to come home one day early from scout camp because of it. score, yo.

I'm never going to chuck e cheese's again, that's for sure.

Oh, but here's a happy picture of the before. Hopefully later when I'm reading through this "blog" when it's a book, and I'm complaining about how many words I use when telling stories, I'll be to the point of just looking at pictures by this post, and won't remember (wink, wink) what happened after this "happy" get-together.
Right? Right?

So after all the "fireworks" of Friday afternoon, we've taken a bit slower pace for the rest of the July 4th weekend. Or so I thought.

Yesterday I got everybody up for a "nice family walk" to the creek with the dog. 30 seconds in the dog gets sparked and bolts forward and Annie (who's screamed "MY TURN MY TURN MY TURN!" all the way out of the garage and into the driveway so she's holding the dog leash with both hands) takes a huge dive forward, totally wiping out. Skinned knees and elbows. Hysteria.

We get her calmed down and into the stroller. We walk 5 houses, then start going down a fairly large hill in the neighborhood. Zane's on his scooter and we watch as he gets faster and faster, starts to swerve in and out in and out, then completely BAILS onto the road. Skinned knees and elbows, and a blow to the forehead (but only the part not covered properly by the bike helmet). More hysteria.

What a nice family walk we're having at this point, 5 minutes in! But of course instead of turning around and going home, I proceed to make them all walk to the creek anyway (only a mile and a half away!), play whether they want to or not, and walk all the way home. 90 minutes later (I'm not kidding. what kind of walk is 90 minutes long?!) we busted through the front door, famished and defeated (no, not Zane's kind of defeated, thank heavens). Brandon immediately fell asleep on the couch, Annie ran for cover (and her binky) in her bedroom, and Zane played the wii for the rest of the morning.

Aren't you sad I don't have pictures of THAT event?! Seriously, when will I learn? I walked the dog alone tonight, I'll have you know. I am trying to grow a brain.

Sigh. Here are two happy moment pictures to offset this fabulous weekend I've been so kind to share with all of you. Can you say "Transformer parade?":

"I bum ba bee mommy, I bum ba bee!" Annie yelled excitedly as it all got set up. Then, "I tay pitoo now mommy, I tay pitoo now!" So I let her get one of her pops:

He promises he's having fun!

Okay so there are our weekend "festivities!" Beat that! :)


Jenneka said…
I think Zane's transformer collection is growing to the point that it may soon rival Parker's! So sorry that my kid is such a bad influence. :)
Kjerstin said…
See, that's what happens when you want to be low key for the 4th of July. ;) I'm so glad everyone is okay, that's the most important thing. But seriously, crashes are just a pain, so I'm sorry you have to deal with all that garbage.