Ice cream competitions and quotes

One of my favorite parts of living here is taking part in these every-so-often competitive get-togethers in the name of good food. Organized mainly by the two folks on the left below (hb, I'm getting you back from when you posted 9 pictures of me at that one party q threw. NINE pictures. It's like I was following you and your camera around yelling, "another of me please!"), last night's item was HOMEMADE ICE CREAM:

Now I gotta tell you, I usually go more for the food and interaction than I do the competition. Why? Well, the first one we went to, our chili (deemed "not-really-chili" because it was white, not red) placed second-to-last, and that was enough to feel like we were, you know, second-to-last. And since I generally only like doing things I'm fantastic at (this is a syndrome I think. Nick, you know about it), I decided not to worry myself much with trying to place in the future. Plus, there are some MIGHTY good cooks around here. Better to just have fun.

Brandon, on the other hand, has been inching forward in the pack. He even took 1st on Curry night, but that might have had something to do with the fact that Abhay, his buddy from India, made Indian Curry with him.

And he took 2nd with "our" guacamole (which I take credit for finding in a Williams-Sonoma book but he's made it more than I have now) on "Dip" night. Impressive showing on his part as of late.

Okay so fast forward to yesterday, with the ice cream competition looming (we even hosted this one, at the house sitting house. it was like we were rebellious young teenagers, whose parents were out of town. except that brandon had talked to the owners already, so not really). And well, there just happens to be a homemade ice cream maker at this house. An ice cream maker that the owner ORDERED me to use last summer but I never did because I didn't want to know how much sugar/cream it really takes to make "an ice cream." But being able to use it in the name of "friendly competition?" How could I resist THAT?

Picture me, some peaches, a food processor (that leaked!! that was a low point), LOTS OF SUGAR, some sour cream, and the Neely's peach ice cream recipe. Then fast forward some more to the party when it was announced that PEACH (MY PEACH!!) took 1st.

Believe it. I was a happy camper:

I'm sorry. I love up-close pictures with me trying to do a "thumbs up." What kind of a thumbs up IS that, anyway?

I am also sorry that I don't have more pictures of the night. Truth be told, it's a little weird running around yelling out, "Stop talking, look at me, SMILE! Oh yeah, and it's okay if I post these for friends and family on my little-known mommy blog, right?" I just couldn't do it. But now I wish I had, for all you mover-away-ers.

I did get one of Annie swimming though. She's decided that this floaty is okay, because it looks like her "babing suit." Accessory-rific, that's my Annie:

And I could give you another one of me doing "thumbs up," if you'd like.

First my peach ice cream won, then tonight me and Z beat the world 6 castle on the FIRST TRY. I'm on a streak.

Oh yeah, and some Zane-isms, to end the day:
"Mom, when I'm a rock star, will you get that song (Sarah Jarosz, newly reclaimed) for me to perform?"

and my favorite of today:
"Wow, that sweet potato is HUMONGOUS! But not humongous-er than YOU mom!"

Just in case you were wondering what the peach ice cream did to me, exactly.


Kjerstin said…
This post just made my day. Seriously. Laughed clear through it and felt like you were sitting here telling me about your day. I just love you, even if you are slightly larger than a sweet potato!
Tina said…
Another gem of a post Michelle. Those last two lines did me in.
Ann Marie said…
Congratulations on your ice cream! I do wonder what those folks would think of green chili - hum. I am laughing out loud at Zaneman. Wonderful way to start the day.
Megan said…
He he, Zane's comments always make me chuckle. What a kid! Congrats on peach ice cream. I'm glad you posted a link to the recipe. I may have to try that!