families that play together continue to be mediocre together

So you'll never guess what our new family pastime is.

Okay I'll tell you. Playing Mario Bros. on the wii.

This might be funny to only me but picture this: Zane, playing wii in the evening while me and brandon finish dinner. he's not doing so hot. oh, he's real good at the mushroom house (where you play memory for bonus helps), but the levels themselves....definitely a beginner. unless you count trash talking, in which case, he holds his own. "You better watch out Koopa Troopa! (oh! I just got defeated by that Koopa Troopa!)" or "Aw yeah I got fire now, I'll totally dominate! (oops! I just fell in the hole!)"

Enter me. Dinner's over, my understanding is that you can only have one player at a time without restarting, so I barge in and take over to save the day. After all, I played a lot of 'Mario' in my day (and by "played" I mean "watched older brother jon play"--but I think it's about the same thing, right?) and plus, over the past week, Zane has figured out and has told me, "Wow you're WAY better than pops!"

Okay, so back to the game. Watch me die, repeatedly, on the same spot, 15 times. Brandon can't take it anymore. "I'm in!" he shouts. "As if you can do any better!" I taunt, handing him the controller. "No no we're doing this together!" (At which point I question the ability to do so and Zane says, "Yeah you can mom, you just have to push +!" who knew?)

And just like that you have father and mother, side by side, children looking on (meaning Zane inches/jumps closer to the tv screen, directly in front of us, at every tense moment, and Annie buries herself in her pops' lap because baby bowser is "carry") trying their darnedest to beat World 2 castle. (world 2 out of like 9 I believe. baby stuff.)

And at one point, following death after death and giggle after giggle, Zane yells, "Man, you guys are TERRIBLE!"

Thanks for that vote of confidence, son.

I'll have you know that we ALMOST beat the castle. :) Meet you here tomorrow night, same time, same place.


Leslie said…
I love that game!! It is a favorite pass time for Haylie and me. I just beat it a couple of weeks ago after about 90 continues. We let Mario and Luigi play together. Haylie figured out that if she pushed the A button her guy (Luigi) can float through the level and not get hurt while Mario (me) plays. They can also pick each other up so when she gets fire I pick her up and she can shoot and not fall down the hole! I know, I am a huge dork, possibly an addict! Happy playing!
Ginger said…
I'm glad that I'm not the only one. I hate video games. I finally broke down and let Loren buy one last Christmas and they've been into Mario Kart and Lego Star Wars ever since. We don't play often, and Sam is finally getting the hint that the more he asks to play, the less I will let him play out of spite.

However, I've been known to practice a little (not much because me time is precious) Mario Kart while Sam is at school and Leah is at Preschool and Brian is napping.
walt or jean said…
Tell Zane I'm ready for a chess game. Now there's a game with some serious action.
Tina said…
I'm glad to hear that our family is not the only one who sits in front of the wii and plays Mario brothers for hours.
This is how it goes in our house: Seth is Mario, Jon is Luigi, I am Toad, Jonas holds the other remote and thinks he's Luigi, Maryn dances around the room to the music (usually right in front of the TV). Jon will frequently yell "everybody bubble!" so we can pass a level.
There is no way we could have beat the game without Jon to pass all the hard parts. So um, good luck. :)
jonstone said…
Yes, my legacy will be my superb Mario skills. This makes me so proud.
Kjerstin said…
"Mom, it's really too bad you're not good at video games". Thanks guys. :)