ahhhhh.... the beach

So I've been in a bit of a slump lately. call it post-vacation blues. call it needless guilt (because it wasn't my fault) over wrecking our house sitting host's car (yeah, I didn't mention it wasn't my car when I told you about it the first time, did I?). call it what-I-get-for-having-a-two-year-old. call it whatever you want, but I've been a grump.

Just ask Brandon. Except don't ask if I'm within hearing distance, because he will probably answer in the affirmative and I will have to feel bad (and therefore, continue to be grumpy).

We don't talk about things like this on blogs enough, do we? Oh no, it's all sunshine and oceans.

Well in my case, turns out "sunshine and oceans" was just the thing I needed to YANK me out of my slump. And on Wednesday, the opportunity came. A dear friend here hadn't been to the beach since we all moved in 2 summers ago, and she had just enough room in her van for herself, her 3 kids, and me + 2 kids. So, we went.

And it was just fantastic. I'm telling you, if there were more coastline available to people in all 50 states, there would be a lot less grumps around, myself included.

We left early, got there in time for a couple hours of beach time before lunch, then dined on picnic tables near the car and headed back home in time for a late nap for the littles. (got home in 90 minutes, can you believe it? 90 minutes!) It was a dream for me: just enough work to know why we don't do it every day, but more than enough fun (for EVERYONE, since everyone had a buddy, myself included) to remember why we love it so much.

Don't believe me? Here's the proof (all un-edited shots taken directly from the camera, as I don't want to bug our house sitting hosts with our pictures on their iphoto. how it should be anyway, right?):

The big boys mainly jumped the waves (with me and my haircut) and the littler fellow (and his he-man suit) would have joined us out there the whole time, if only he were a little taller. Luckily, he and Annie had happiness on the beach as well, which is where she spent most her time. And did you check out that beautiful little doll-baby under the umbrella?

We enjoyed a major dose of beach therapy. I recommend it to anyone with the case of the frowns. Thanks, Jenneka, for SUCH a needed treat.

And to the rest of you: 90 minutes, do you hear me? COME AND VISIT!


JMG said…
sounds just lovely! if you want a non-cheery blog---read the following---nomorecheerleadersmiles.blogspot.com
Debbie said…
Next time you go to the beach, let me know. Especially if its up my way. Looks like you guys had fun! :)
Ann Marie said…
I have always been a mountain person but I am rapidly changing to a beach person. I think I could even morph into a beach bum with enough motivation.