a week of friends..

Thanks so much for your nice nice nice haircut comments. Truth be told, I have made the cut quite UN-sassy, just by being me, and no I would not look cute bald, even though brandon is always trying to get me to quit complaining and just shave my head.

I just needed a BIG change, and as a bonus, this one only takes FIVE MINUTES to do. fantastic.

Okay so onto the last couple of days! Earlier in the week we met up with Allie+kids+super cute little sis hannah for farmers market happiness in Park City.

Talk about an ideal setting. The sun was out, the temperature perfect, and best of all, there were SNOW CONES!

We also picked up granola, miracle salsa, some pretty necklaces, and fresh asparagus.

Next we got lunch and found a play place, and I made Allie, a usually-the-superstar-behind-the-camera take a few pictures with me. Allie, you're a good friend. Please, send me the better ones from your camera sometime.

After lunch and playing, we found a cookie store for the littles and a banana republic store for the bigs:

and finished with one more play place. Thank heavens for play places.

Yay for Allie (and hannah, who I snuck in a picture of on the left of the above shot, so cute) for making the trek from Wyo! You guys (and your lint and potty songs) are the bomb.

Next, we met up yesterday with awesome, right-up-my-alley Crystal from our days at UW, and when I say chilled I mean that me and Crystal solved the world's problems while super Emmy entertained my kids inside the play place:

So nice to see you, Crystal!

Then today I was lucky enough to chill with (and take pictures of) two more dear Laramie friends. First, we WALKED over to sweet friend Megan's beautiful new home, which happens to be about 2 1/2 blocks from my mom. My only photographer option there was Zane, which means that 4 out of the 5 were blurry (he takes after his mom) and the 5th was a little sunkissed.

Ah well, there's still time for more because remember she lives IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD. totally rockin'.

After Megan's, we were treated to lunch at Gandolfo's by none other than Trent as in MY old Trent from high school and beyond in Laramie. (does that title make anyone uncomfortable? anyone blushing?) We hadn't seen each other in years, and it was so so cool to finally get back in touch. We tried to bring our lunch to the park, but the wind and COLD (believe it, Florida friends) were too much for us and the kids, so we hightailed it back to my mom's house, for visiting and more rounds of JUST DANCE on the wii. Ah yeah, you know that's really why I wrangled him into coming there. Trent was a great sport, and Zane even jumped over to his team when he started winning even Emmygirl! "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT, WHOO, WHOO, WHOO!" It was totally awesome.

I made Trent take pictures just like everyone else, and I only include this next one because of Zane. Remember how he "leans in" now for all pictures with Annie? Well, include Trent on that list as well:

Pretty awesome snuggles ay? Way to be Z. And by the way, keep in mind that my hair had been both crazily windblown AND danced out by that time. see the un-sassy-ness? sigh.

And here's one more, then I promise I'm done with the pictures of me for at least another post (and look, it's my necklace from the farmers market and my shirt from banana too!):

We're feeling very lucky to be seeing so many great folks. Tomorrow we head to cousin Julie's in Grantsville! Let's hope it doesn't SNOW!


Megan said…
So fun to see you today! And I think your haircut is totally sassy! See you next week. :)
Jenneka said…
This post made me SMILE! Even though I don't know any of the people you visited, I can see/read your happiness at being able to spend time with them... and happiness looks FABULOUS on Michelle. :) Not to mention more pictures of your awesome haircut - yay! Love it, love it, LOVE IT.
Heather Bigley said…
zane and the ladies...he's a heartbreaker. the hair cut looks great. i think you should fly home now.
It was nice to see all those familiar faces through your blog! And- your hair looks great, seriously. Even your "wind blown, danced out hair" looked really good.
Lillie said…
Oh my goodness I feel so behind… I thought you were referring to your last hair cut… and then I kept scrolling down! It's SOO cute… it sort of makes me think of Sheena's darling hair from The Little Red House--- I love short curls!! Great move shelly.

And Trent! Oh that's too fun to see pictures of someone from the pa-ast like that.