A Wedding, a waterfall, a wonderful buddy

(ps--usually I enlarge my pictures on here, but at my mom's house, the computer already has everything BIG and my ENLARGED looks REALLY ENLARGED. so for this trip, we're staying originally-sized. in case you wondered.)

Day four brought us to a wedding for my uncle Dave. I hoped it would be a potential extended family gathering, and I was right! (although we missed a lot of you, especially you Julie and fam.)

The marrieds:

Bride Chloe and her son Edward live in Scotland--both wore kilts to the ceremony (and there were bagpipes too!)--Edward came for the wedding, and for one blurry picture from me (dang the lighting inside churches--I didn't want flash, but then it was all blurry):

Annie got cozier with Hayley:

while Eric chatted up Aunt Nancy (who tried to duck out of this shot, but I caught her anyway, and almost cut out Eric in the meantime!):

I snuck in this shot of Maria and Cory with my parents. Hooray!:

Their cutest little Audrey and my Zane HIT. IT. OFF:

We basically set them loose and didn't see them until the cake was ready. Such cute little buddies.

Here's a shot of the 4 out of 5 brothers (Larry was out of town, but Tami came to represent):

Oh, and I was there too:

Then day 5 turned out to be a "let's see how many activities we can squeeze into one day without leaving the valley" day. First, Zane and I met up with Nick and Cort for an AWESOME hike up Pleasant Grove Canyon (I say awesome because it was hard work but for only about 15-20 minutes, then you got to see this):

Which, by the way, looks even better when shot at the exact location at the exact time (2 minutes later) but by a better photographer (NICK!):

Here are some other AWESOME shots:

Start to finish this hike took about an hour. Totally awesome.

Don't worry, when Annie stays home from the action, she gets other action. In this case, it's in the form of princess accessories. Which means that she doesn't miss us in the least!

Later, I got a haircut:

(which has got me brave enough to get an even shorter one next week, thanks to Hayley's super skills/willingness. that's when I'll do a real "hey look at my haircut post.") and Zane, Emmy, and my dad went fishing/duck ponding. As I look at these and the next group of pictures, I can't help but be blown away by how beautiful this Utah place is. Which is funny, because my mom just came in and told me that's how she feels about our Florida shots. God made the earth beautiful, didn't he?

That evening, we scootered/walked over to the park right by my parents' house. More beauty, more fun with these great siblings of mine. We are lucky ducks:

Day 6 brought me friend Kjerstin from Idaho Falls! I am so lucky to have friends like Kjerstin. She's everything you need in a friend--caring, genuine, and forgiving of my desire to have our picture taken together (beware the rest of you friends--we are DOCUMENTING it this time around). Kjerstin was only here a couple hours, but we squeezed into that time all the quilt shop visiting/ visiting visiting we could. Thanks again, Kj!

As Kjerstin left, we all found ourselves in the front yard, again enjoying each other and life's simple pleasures. Enter the water hose:

(had to include this one, as most of my childhood photos are of me pointing)

We're headed to Logan for the weekend! Peace!


Megan said…
Looks like you're having a blast! We love that giant park right by your parents, its a fav.
Lillie said…
Your haircut is cu-oot. I love it when you give us a hair update. Who would you be without your hair shel?
Kjerstin said…
You sneaky punk. I believe your exact words were "these aren't for the blog, just for memories". Uh huh. It's pretty sad that you have to be so stealthy to get a picture! :)

Okay, serious now. It was so great to see you. Miss you like crazy already. Might need to come back to get some oil cloth (not the polka dot, I keep thinking about the red and cream floral one).

How's the SJP look working? I'm still giggling about that whole encounter. :)