Utah: Days 1-3

It's day four. I am hoping this will be the pattern for the trip--live 4 days, then tell about it. Here we go.

We did a new thing with the flight(s) this time around..Instead of driving two hours to Orlando and going through crazy Orlando security (curse that Disneyworld) before even beginning the "real" trip, we opted to fly directly out of Gainesville. At 5:30 in the morning, it's a 12 minute drive, and a 2 minute security wait. Incredible. And since we only had a 40 minute lay-over in Atlanta, we got to Utah by 11 am. Again, Incredible.

Wait a minute Michelle. Did you say only a 40 minute layover in Atlanta? Isn't that cutting it a little close? Well, I thought we'd be fine. How big can an airport be, anyway? But as we de-planed and checked the location of our next flight, I realized it was literally one end of the airport to the other.

We went down the escalator. We saw subway trains, with signs in front that said "Concourse D and E" with an arrow pointing to the left. Which of course I took to mean that IF you wanted to get to one of those concourses, avoid that pesky subway train behind the sign that would take you to baggage claim, and instead follow the direction of the arrow on the signs, walking. So, we walked. and walked. and walked. It was as if we were walking the dungeons of the airport. We got to another subway-like station. Same sign. Same logic. walked and walked and walked and walked. Then I heard "final boarding for flight 2538 to SLC." So we ran and ran and ran and ran. We were the last ones on the plane. There were 240 passengers. We got to our seat. The last seat in the plane. We heaved sighs of relief. I called Brandon to get sympathy. When I told him I think I walked a mile from one gate to the other, he said, "Weren't there subway trains, taking you to each concourse?"

Missed the boat. Turns out those signs DIRECTLY in front of the subway trains might have been indicators DIRECTING you to hop aboard. Who knew?

Anyway, the flight was great and we even got to SLC 30 minutes early.

And then we waited for those 30 minutes for another plane to get out of our slot:

In other words, we tried not to go insane.

We made it! Painless, right? Besides my own ridiculousness.

So that was Saturday. We had time to hit 3 or 4 stores of fun, and I decided that going Gainesville is DEFINITELY the right decision.

Sunday morning we explored bampa and gigi's yard and took some shots together in our Sunday best:

(showing off my dad's tie here, that i made him for his birthday last month)

(getting my hair cut THIS week, I promise)

Then later, we had newlyweds Eric and Hayley over for food:

Later that night, we headed to the Lehi cemetery and met up with the other side of our family. Zane fell instantly in-step with his cousins:

(yes, they ran around the entire cemetery like this. yes, we had talked with them before about "reverence" and "sacred nature." yes, it was hopeless.)

Annie found safety in "daddy rah" and spent the time "me po po wa wa wowda daddy rah" (which means I poured water on the flowers with grama, for those of you who don't speak Annie):

Hilary brought a new friend to the party:

The older cousins looked like big boys all the sudden (Brad, I picked this one because you ALMOST looked grumpy):

And a happy (albeit chilly) time was had by all:

Then yesterday we hooked up with Nick and Katie for the day! Hooray, we love them! Katie brought treats from Williams-Sonoma, and we headed over to Nick's house to enjoy them + the GINORMOUS new TV:

By 6pm my kids were feeling a bit jet-lagged:

So we headed home for dinner and bedtime.

Phew! It's been a fun start to this wonderful vacation.


Katie said…
Thank you, Michelle, for not putting any of our pic's on there.... ;) We'll get a better one in Logan- let's hope!! I'm excited to spend the weekend w/ you all!
Kris said…
That's funny because when we went to Georgia, we actually MISSED our flight from Atlanta to SLC. I'm sure we were hilarious with our 5 kids all running like mad through the terminals. But I wanted to bawl when they wouldn't let us on the plane even though it was still there and connected! Try finding 7 seats together on another flight!...it was a mess!!! ahh...the memories :-)