she's alive!

I know I know. where have I been?

Flew home mid-day Wednesday. Actually arrived home eeeeeeaaaarrrlllyyy Thursday morning. Been trying to catch up ever since.

A few plane-ride home favorites:

We had to wait in Memphis for 4 hours (2+ more than originally scheduled) (as another side note, when I asked why the delay, the airport lady said, "something's wrong with your plane. maintenance is looking at it." is that a nice thing to tell frazzled me?). Every time we settled into a spot (meaning we'd dumped out all 17 transformers/power rangers as well as all 43 crayons), after about 10 minutes either Annie or Zane would look at me and YELL, "I NEED TO GO POTTY!" (or in Annie's case, "AH POO POO AH POTTY MOMMY!") So, we'd pack everything back up again, and hightail it to the potty (two rolling suit cases, my big bag, annie's backpack, and my camera bag in tow).

And if that wasn't enough to share with the rest of the waiting passengers, whenever we'd get back, someone would have unknowingly sat where we had been sitting. And Zane, in a completely disgusted voice, would yell, "MOM!! SOMEBODY TOOK OUR SPOT....AGAIN!" (and Annie would echo "MOM, AH PAH AH-DEN!")

This would have been cute had it only happened once or twice. But by our 7th time to-and-from the potty, it was pretty hilarious, to all looking on. why oh why did I let my kids have so much sprite from slc to memphis?!

One more funny: It's about 10pm, we're finally on our flight to Jacksonville (before our airplane got delayed on the tarmac...again...because of something wrong on board. hello, new airplane please?). Our stewardess, bless her heart, was looking a little haggard. Her reddish/magenta hair was past curly and onto the frazzled look (me and her were friends..), and her pale make-up + dark maroon lipstick were almost a bit cartoon-ish. Need more proof than my description? Once, she passed by our row and Zane said, again a little too loudly, "MOM, our airplane lady looks like the one from ALICE IN WONDERLAND!" I think he was referring to Johnny Depp. believe it.

Both kids finally passed out about 40 minutes before we landed. Little did I know that they would be dropping us off OUTSIDE (so we had to walk down those 6 or so steep steps off the plane), where we would pick up our baggage and climb 6 or 7 more steep steps back into the airport. Zane was dead dead asleep. I thought he was going to tumble off the steps. Thank heavens for big, strong who-knows-who-they-were-at-that-point workers who helped him with both sets of stairs.

We were SURE happy to see our pops, at approximately 1:05 am. And it only took us another 90 or so minutes to get home. Piece of cake. And we didn't even have to stop once to use the potty. phew! :)

You can see why we've been tired ever since.


Tina said…
When I started reading this post, I said to Jon "She's been home for two whole days and she hasn't called me!"
Then after I finished reading, I understood. Get some rest lady. (And call me next week, k?)
jonstone said…
Dear Michelle,

You're my hero.


Kjerstin said…
You are one brave lady to travel cross country with two kids! I'm not gonna lie, it was nice knowing you were only one state away, so I miss you a little more now that you're home. :) Rest up, I'm sure the busy crazyness of life will start first thing Monday morning (or Sunday if you have choir jobs!).

Oh, and you're my hero, too.
Carolyn said…
I'm glad you survived. It's tough traveling with two kids! You're a superhero. :)
Rachel Glenn said…
oh my gosh I just laughed out loud when I read that Alice in Wonderland thing... holy smokes. PS- let's get together soon!