She works hard for the money..

...okay so not really. Her pops does, though. And she "helps":

We've begun our latest adventure of house sitting 2.0 (aka same place as last year), which will carry us through the rest of the summer. Seriously, summer of 2010 will not be matched: first, a couple of months (since we're counting all the way back to may and the east coast trip) with family/friends (and no dishes duty!), then the rest of these hot, sticky months inside a happily air conditioned, dishwasher/washer/dryer-filled home with a pool outside. And a nice dog to keep us company. Who needs a walk everyday. Which is good motivation for me to move. It's a win win (win win win win win).

We've been here 3 days, and been swimming 5 times already. And when Annie says "FRO Z, daddy, FRO Z" and does this:

Brandon happily obliges (and it looks like Zane has fun too, eh?):

(almost as much air caught as when we threw him, right HB?)

Which makes Annie very happy:

Okay so her hair isn't wet yet in this picture, you're onto my tall tales... but she looked pretty similarly pleased in real life too.


Crystal said…
Enjoy your house sitting!!! Thanks for coming out and sharing a slice of your summer with me :)
Ann Marie said…
I would happily leave my dust filled neighborhood and insulation filled house and come swim in your pool and watch Z fly through the air and wash all your dishes in your dishwasher - but alas I must stay here. Thanks for allowing me to enjoy it long distance.
Megan said…
That looks so nice!!! I'm glad you get to have sort of vacation all summer long!
walt or jean said…
We are so glad to see you happily reunited with Brandon and Florida. We had a glorious time. Brandon, you are a lucky man. You must have done something extra nice to your mom or grandma in your youth or childhood to be so blessed. Thanks for sharing. We love you guys.
Man, how'd you guys find this gig?