four more sets of fun

A couple of days ago, we headed northward, stopping first in Layton to visit Brandon's oldest sister and her family, then onto Mountain Green to visit cousin Maria and co.

Alyson was fabulous..fed us lunch, talked about her own adventure leading up to Ragnar (good luck lady!) and motivated me to get moving again once I return home, set up geo-tracks for my kids, and was just her normal, wonderful, chill self. Plus, since I was there at lunchtime, I had the bonus of seeing and chatting with her husband, Brad, who can make anyone, even little old me, feel like a great conversationalist. Hooray for Brad and Alyson (especially Alyson, who told me I could still post this picture, even though I framed it perfectly with a plant coming out of her head. Aly, thanks):

Zane had lots of fun with both cousins his age (okay, and all the toys were pretty cool too):

And Annie was her normal "Heck-no-I-don't-want-to-take-a-picture" self, as shown above.

I even got a few shots of the older boys, who have less hair than when I saw them 3 weeks ago:

Alex (left) actually got up and out of his chair to come over for the above shot, which I appreciated, and although Drew was NOT happy about a picture, he at least didn't throw his sandwich at me. I'll take it. :)

I asked Cayden to jump, in hopes of a smile or two. I think I ALMOST won:

And with one more picture, we hugged and were out of there:

I went on my way to Mtn Green, and Aly took 6 pre-teen boys to the state capitol. what a woman.

Have you ever been to Mountain Green? It's about 2 miles up Ogden Canyon (as in Ogden is the major city in front of the canyon) and IT. IS. GORGEOUS. I had better not say too much, because I'm sure all the folks living there don't want a huge influx of people, but WOW, it is a fantastic site. Proof? Here's looking out Cory and Maria's front door:

Believe it. They get to wake up everyday looking at those mountains, and across the street is the neighborhood field/playground/pavillion, so they will never have neighbors blocking their view. It was unbelievable.

But even BETTER than the view was the company. Little Audrey took BOTH my kids under her wings, and they had a great time. (okay so they fought too. :) but only because timing was off. if only we could all want to be puppies or ponies or play guess who or do puppet shows at the exact same time.)

(have you noticed the view out the side/back door too? goodNESS.)

Maria had a way with my shy little Annie, and by about 10 minutes in, Annie could be found prancing back and forth between the true action and us, the satellite audience, where she would play-by-play what was going on: "A me, a Ahby, a Z, a ponies, a puppies, k?" over and over again. She even leaned in for shots with Maria. Now THAT'S saying something:

And I just love Maria. We were newlyweds together up in Washington, and I've always been so grateful that we had an excuse to be FRIENDS in addition to cousins. Mer, you are the bomb. :) Thanks for letting us stay until the very last second possible.

And Audrey, thanks for hooking my kids up with the biggest marshmallows I've ever seen for the ride home:

(look, I even snuck in a shot of Cory behind the car in this last one. I'm so sneaky!)

The next day we spent NOT ENOUGH TIME with friends Kandice and Matt, and I failed to take one of the best pictures of the trip, which was Zane all decked out in nerf warrior gear. Instead, we snuck in a picture of just the mommies and littles (although my little is the same age as her 4th of 5..) right before dashing off:

If the world were full of only "Kandice and Matt"s, it would be a great world. Matt, I know I'm not Brandon. Thanks for giving me some of your minutes anyway. :) And DJ, we pretended you were there with us. NEXT TIME, lady.

Then yesterday I managed to wrangle another old friend into visiting me at my parents' house (allowing me to not move a muscle). Lindsi from Hawaii days came and I was just able to bask in her awesomeness. Linds, who I used to drag out of bed in the morning, has been accepted to medical school at the U, and will totally rock it too. Lindsi was the first person I met when I got to Hawaii (after midnight that first night, when she told me she'd had to wait up for me, and thanks a lot), and really took care of me when I needed it most. Plus, she's cute too:

She even got to see Nick, freshly home from adventures with older bro Jon, which was a bonus for all of us:

Nick and Linds, you both look so good in this shot...what's your secret?

Sigh. We only have a few more days left of this adventure. What happy memories we have made.


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Heather Bigley said…
I loved to see Annie face down on the floor. Seriously, it totally made me miss you guys even more.
Maria said…
We had so much fun! Audrey loves your little people... :) and so do I! A special thanks to Annie for making my day with the "lean in" for the photo. Esp because I thought I would get the total shaft instead. She rocks! :) Love you!! Thanks for coming!! (and for not complaining when I MADE you stay until the very last second!!)